What's your next bag going to be?

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  1. Wow, one of my fav's:heart: Can't wait to see pics when she arrives:woohoo:

  2. I couldnt do with the chains, either... the price is very good...

    Have you seen the Parati in Sacoche? Anything else on sale?
  3. im very excited about this bag..lol:woohoo:
  4. I am still kicking myself for not having bid on another python silverado which was listed by a lovely tPFer from the UK...

    I hope to get one of these in the distant future... but it'd have to come from Europe... blimey!
  5. Sounds exciting BMB - look forward to seeing the pics! :tup:

    Mariabdc - good luck with finding one too!
  6. yes this one was from the uk! so perfect!
    its the small silverado i think so perfect for going out!
  7. small chloe paraty in rock or old pink:heart:

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  8. Thanks... i am on a ban:Push:... my bal addiction isnt helping my finances at all.:nogood:..
  9. wow... i could do with a bag like this one... This silverado is one of your best finds...

  10. Wow - what a gorgeous colour. It seems a great size too.. :tup:
  11. mariabdc - the only way to 'ban' you is to either have your hands cut off - or you chained to some stake - either is perfectly feasible - and for the price of an EasyJet flight to Madrid - I'm more than happy to oblige;)
  12. I am refusing point blank to visit the bal forum LOL - the last thing i need is another designer bag addiction :sweatdrop:..:Push:
  13. i need to ban myself, the only way to do it would be to burn my laptop! so i dont have access to all the good deals i keep seeing!