What's your next bag going to be?

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  1. I have been ebay stalking for one of those for about 6 months, so far have seen three,two were way too expensive and the other was tan and I have a tan paddy already. I would like a baby one though especially in whiskey or muscade or the blue nuit (in my dreams).
    They look a huge pain to get things out of, but I don't care they're so cute
    Where did you see the picture if you don't mind me asking?
  2. I think I really like that STYLE. They are ALL hard to get stuff out of IMO. I just leave the zippers wide open and un-done ALL the time. I have a friend who has one... she emailed me a pic, cause I'd never seen it.
    What is "WAY TOO EXPENSIVE", might I ask??? And are the LOAFS only 05?
  3. For the first time in a really long time I am not lusting after any particular Chloe bag. Other bags are calling to me like a Chanel Cabas and/or modern chain tote, or a Gucci large snakeskin Hysteria or any Indy. Maybe Miu Miu Harlequins. But first and foremost I adore Bbags these days. Just the Part Times with giant hardware. And maybe like Mona the Pom Pom. I just feel like I have every Chloe I want - for now. I am sure new styles will surface that will have my name written on them.
  4. I think they are 05 and early 06. One was $900 and it had some marks/wear. then I saw one on ebay.au and it was $999, I really wanted this one but was scared of custom duties.
    These were both "way too expensive" because they were in other countries and duties could have been brutal. maybe o.k to pay around $900 if in the us.
    They are pretty rare, but if I saw one again in the right color I probably would buy it as they hardly come up.

  5. I love the same chanels and guccis mentioned above... Love Balenciaga too - but found the le dix (first) size just didn't suit me... It has funded a Black Quilted Bay - which I am very much looking forward to getting soon!

    This will probably be my last Chloe bag for a little while at least... I have an extensive wishlist... but a lot of my wishes are other designers and I have a decent sized chloe collection already...
  6. ive just bought another bag...lol
    not revealing until she gets her though!
  7. ^^^ ooo do tell BMB:graucho:. Is it a chloe?
  8. yes a chloe i said i would never buy due to the TYPE of leather!
    has a certain aliveness about it! lol
    very beautiful and very rare!
  9. Still looking for the right small Betty to come along.

    For a long time I wanted a bleu nuit Paddy, but I tried a python Paddy on in Sacoche, Bahrain last weekend and I didn't find the 'tube' handles very comfortable on the shoulder, so it's off my list (which is good news for my wallet!). I mentioned to the sales assistant that I wished Chloe were still making Bettys and she came out of the storeroom with three chain Bettys on her arm.... just under $600 each. I thought they were a real bargain, but unfortunately chains don't work for me :sad:.

    I did rather like the new blue Heloise in python, it was droolworthy.
  10. hmm sounds like something in an exotic, python perhaps? You are such a tease lol...
  11. your getting hot! lol
  12. ^^ silverado??? (i have all morning to guess PMSL)
  13. oh i think youve guessed!
    ive just won a bronze python silverado!!!
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    You have won one .. Congratulations :yahoo:

    Well done you.
  15. yeah just won the bidding, on ebay this morning!!!