What's your next bag going to be?

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  1. i'm dying to buy the Paraty bag in Black Python.. It's soo gorgeous!!
  2. Ask mariabdc :yes:. I think she has a Balenciaga messenger bag...:yes:
  3. Girls - we shouldn't need reminding - the MOD's are having to spend a deal of time in the Chloe Forum at the moment - lets get back to basics - and be the good girls we always were:yes:
  4. Thanks for the advice...:heart:.
  5. Thanks Lescoy, so, what's on your wishlist?
  6. :heart::heart::heart::yes:.
    Lescoy, I´m here again...:heart::shame:...

  7. I have two Days (an another one on her way here:yahoo:), but they cant be worn messenger-style.. They are extremely comfy, though...
    However, i believe the courier and the messenger can be worn that way and are EXTREMELY nice...
    Check this... The pics posted by Real Deal Collection are amazing...
    Good luck in your hunt!
  8. mariabdc - you need another 4 Days and you will have one for every day:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    The Besace Messenger can be worn cross body - you either like that or you don't. The Courier is nice - although I'd prefer the Messenger - but only because its larger.:yes:
  9. tireebabe - Wishlist? Well - not sure - there isn't anything which I'm desperate to have - although the Margiela bag with the wolf is stunning - its also white - and therefore a 'NO GO'.:nogood:
  12. Thats cool but it's too big for me. Is the messenger one actually called the messenger?
  13. I think I need to get myself a bag that is messanger style. I dont own that kind of style and looks comfy. I just had a bag delivered today though and I wasnt supposed to buy anything until end of september. I wasnt on a ban just have a reason treat myself because finish a project in the end of september so wanted to get a bag then but then got it now instead.
  14. I have decided that I want a paddy LOAF. I had never seen that style until today, and even tho just saw photos, I think I NEED one of those!
  15. I am itching sooo bad for a Betty but the right one hasn't come along yet!
    Also wanting a Balenciaga Pom Pom bag but do know if I can bring myself to spend that kind of money!