What's your next bag going to be?

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  1. I'm looking at a few but can't decide. Would love to hear your thoughts and you wish lists.

    1. Chloe Baby Paddy in a dark(ish) colour
    2. Balenciaga - any style
    3. Mulberry Ledbury
    4. Miu Miu Bow Satchell

    I've got a stinking cold so need to brighten myself up with the thought of my next pruchase

  2. #2 Aug 25, 2008
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    ^^ hmm have you got my stinking cold? I had a miserable one last week and it is just clearing now.

    my next bag is hopefully going to be a anthracite paddy followed by a choc one for xmas. A baby paddy might make an appearance if i can track one down that i like (they are sooo cute!). But preferably a darker colour. I am also swopping round my collection to make room for a antique plum bays.

    BTW - hope you feel better soon!
  3. Chloe Paraty
  4. I'm on the waiting list for the Chloe Paraty. I can't wait to get!!:yahoo:
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    white plexi paddy
    plum heli
    ink/sapphire bbag

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    I am trying to stop myself contemplating a next bag ...... but that is because I am waiting for a slightly second hand Sapphire Balenciaga Day to appear in the post. I noticed it when I was only half awake on Saturday morning, recognised the seller from tpf, and weakly BINed without further hesitation. (Ink is a very good choice too B*M*B - good luck with finding one.)


    At least I don't want a Paraty (.... at the moment).
  7. At the moment i am not thinking about my next bag... I have another Bal on her way to Spain and have sold two Chloes in order to fund this purchase...
    The fact that i am totally broke is helping a lot to keep me off bags... I havent visited ebay for about two weeks now!

    Things may change when i start to wear and get autumn/winter clothes and I find that i desperately need a bag to match a given outfit... I hope not...
  8. I would love a paraty but honestly could not bring myself to spend that much money on a bag.

    I just ordered a ledbury from an outlet, I think it would be a cute back for carrying when I don't have much to carry.

    Am loving my regular paddy right now, used it 3 days in a row.

    Just returned the chloe capsule bag from Koodos so they should receive that tomorrow and hopefully the money will go back onto my card and then cover my ledbury purchase.....juggling is soo much fun.

    Don't have any plans to part with anything right now apart from the baby paddy.
  9. I would like a medium Bay in canelle or an Heli in black :yes:...but the Paraty is so beautiful :nuts: (of course, in black...I´m a dark girl...)
    But, tireebabe...,if I were you my chance would be a Balenciaga ;)...(the Ledbury is cute, but very small for me...).
  10. please don't discuss what you are planning to sell

  11. I don't have enough knowledge of the Balenciaga bags yet so will take my time to get to know them first. I really could do with a bag that can be worn as a messenger but not sure if any of their bags have a longer shoulder strap.

  12. Noted, thank you for your advice. :tup:
  13. Well with my betty on the way, I will try to be good:cutesy:But I still fancy another silverado, maybe the hobo style in python:heart:
  14. Would love to see a pic of your new Bal bag, it sounds awesome.

  15. Thanks for reminding us...:tup: