what's your NEW favorite??

  1. hi! since i can't afford any louis vuitton anything, pictures and magazines are all i have. even with that, i loooove louis vuitton's new adele bag! if anyone would like to donate....feel free! :graucho: ;)

    in the meantime, i thought it could be fun to post pictures of your favorite louis vuitton bags! most recent lines preferred!


    your turn!
  2. Hm..I dont' have pics but I CAN'T WAIT to see the Damier Azur line!!
  3. From the new lines I have to agree with Couturegirl, the Damier Azur :yahoo:
  4. YUM - what is that bag???:love:
  5. That would be the Miroir Speedy. :drool:

    Not available yet, AFAIK.
  6. mono/leapord stephen
  7. Mine is the mono/leapord Polly!
  8. Nothing LOL I'm waiting until october 8th!!
  9. ^^ DITTO!

    Although after getting my damier speedy finally, I feel almost LV satiated...until something new comes along!
  10. its the damier azur speedy 25~ ive been dreaming about it
  11. That would be Mono leopard Adele.. i love it :smile:
  12. and of course, balenciagas(for me!!!), will never retire.
  13. I guess I'm the boring person who only likes the epi line. Who kbnow? the Damier Azur line might change that.

    Has anyone seen the Azur products IRL?
  14. Nothing boring about Epi!
  15. I love the adele bag. I wish I could afford it. I have one now that I'm trying to sell for a profit so I can afford to buy one for myself