What's your "natural" hair color?

  1. I just finished reading the Carmen Electra thread re: hair color....So I thought....Hmm, what's everyone's "natural" hair color on tPF?? Also, are you wearing it natural now, or have you changed the color? (color change, highlights, frosting etc.)

    I'm a brunette...dark brown hair. Natural for me.:yes: No coloring, etc.
  2. Light brown....natural for me too!
  3. Dark brown as a child which turned light brown as a preteen. I've been coloring it dark brown/black since the age of 15.:sneaky:
  4. Red! :smile:
  5. Black :smile:
  6. flame blood red! hehe
    it's hard to upkeep tho... fades w every wash =(
  7. I have dark blonde hair, I get light blonde highlights. I've tried to go natural, I just look a whole lot better with light blonde highlights.
  8. Light brown, but I have blonde highlights in my hair :smile:
  9. black... i've never colored or highlighted my hair. i've never had perms or anything either, since i do have naturally wavy hair. the most damage i probably do to my hair is from using a flat iron almost every day.
  10. jet black.
  11. Natural dark brown, with lots of gray...started very young ( early 20's, hereditary)....so I have colored my hair for years...light brown with lots of highlights in summer and a bit darker, reddish brown in winter.

    I do it myself, and I must do a pretty good job...lol...my friend and were talking about gray hair yesterday...and she said but you don't have any??? I almost spit my soda out, I laughed so hard...
  12. My natural color is a medium reddish brown but it's kinda flat so I have blond highlights. If I ever grow my hair out long enough, I'm doing a color like Julianne Moore's but for short hair, I'm better off with some blond.
  13. if God didn't want me to be blonde, He wouldn't have invented bleach. :yes:

    the closest i've had to "virgin" or "natural" hair since i was about 10 still had a copper glaze on it so i don't actually remember. it's some shade of medium to chestnut brown, i think. :smile:

  14. :yes: Ditto! Me too!:P
  15. My natural hair color is med. brown.
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