What's your Mulberry HG bag? And what's on your wishlist?

  1. Hi Mulberryphiles,

    Finding my Holy Grail Roxanne yesterday was such a fantastic feeling after lusting after one for years, but it's got me thinking.. what's your dream Mulberry? What's that bag you search and scour eBay for, and would love to have in your collection?

    Also what else is on your Mulberry wishlist? Post pics if you can, let's inspire eachother and share which we consider the most beautiful and must-have Mulberry bags! :tup:

    My HG bag I've now found:

    Roxanne in Plum Antique Glace

    Wishlist Mulberry bags:

    Chocolate or Black Tooled Bayswater - MJObsessed has a beautiful chocolate one here..

    And in black:

    Jemma in tan combo
  2. I've got the tooled bayswater. It's really a great bag Frankie, you'd love it. I'd love a patent bayswater, but only in black and I don't particularly need another black bag at the moment. Other than that, a red Roxanne would be gorgeous.
  3. Hey, did u win this Roxanne from eBay recently???:nuts:
  4. erm- can't afford it at present and have the bayswater now that I've lusted after for a year but i suppose the other Mulberry holy grail bag for me would be an oak Jaquetta!

    here's a piccie of a chocolate one! (nicked from another thread!!)

  5. Yep Slip, yesterday.. :yes:

    Fly, nice choice! You've reminded me of the Jacquetta, it's gorgeous.

    Princess Shallot, what colour's your Tooled Bayswater? Would love to see a pic, I love all the colours but my bag collection has always been predominately tan so I'm forcing myself to branch out! :p
  6. I have one bag on my wishlist - a black Bayswater. No chance as I'm broke :p
  7. My holy grail bag was the Phoebe. I'd picked it up on every visit to the factory shop but just wasn't going to spend £416 on it. Then it went down to £297 and olive Phoebe was mine! Hurrah.

    I don't tend to have a wish list. I potter into Shepton every so often and either find something I love or not. I wouldn't mind a red medium Mabel though but it's not a great yearning - lordie, I think I'm actually happy with my lot at the mo!!
  8. My wish is to find another baby blue Blenhiem that I swapped for a chocolate one,it was a limited edtion color,and I have kicked myself so hard ever since that my legs now face backwards.

  9. Chaz, you are priceless :roflmfao:
    After seeing your pics, my HG bag is now the Agyness.
  10. oooooh,I'm so avoiding trying to fall in love with a new style,but I have to say the mushroom Agyness is totally taking my attention as a 'summer bag'.But I must resist the mild,creamy..........................................
  11. Thanks for that,Andy fails to see any worth in me at times..................could be due to the fact he originally bought me the baby blue Blenheim...............that I swapped...........for a chocolate one.......................................oops,his revenge was not to give me a stern talking to,he did'nt have to,he just has to listen to me lamenting it............and then he gets this horrible,smug little smile
  12. My DH has long given up re bags.
    He bought me a bag I'd be on about for yonks for Christmas one year, only to have me swap it the day after Boxing Day! How ungrateful is that.....
    Perhaps an Agyness might have found its way to the outlets in time for our Spring meet.

  13. might be fisticuffs if we're not careful- we'll all want the same bag!:boxing:
  14. That is hilarious!!

    Hahahaha!!! ooh,I thought I was bad! Well actually mine might be worse...............,Andy bought it for me as a suprise for a promotion,absolutely no prompting from me whatsoever,and having designer handbags had'nt popped up on my radar back then,and I have to say I was'nt versed on Mulberry AT all,it was my first one,so he did really well................................ooo,that actually does make it sound even worse,oh well!!!

    And I'm kind of hoping,that the Agyness has'nt been reduced by then,but then sort of hoping at the same time it has,I think we all live far enough apart to not look like a crowd of wannabes when we're doing our week-end shop!! It is a question of how many they've got!!! We could all place orders at the same time so they get loads in!!!!
  15. I don't think I have a HG bag yet - I'm too fickle :lol: As far as suiting my lifestyle right now, the Joni is perfect - especially since I have gotten over my disappointment with the washed nappa leather.

    Here's a picture I took when she first arrived (excuse dirty mirror - I can assure you I have cleaned it since December!):

    On my wishlist at the moment is the gunmetal Agyness - I love that bag so much. I'm hoping that I hate it irl and that it's a kerfuffle to get into. Either that or the gunmetal is as robust as the bronze and the bags get sent straight to the outlet :p