whats your most wanted item at the moment?

  1. 1. black Chanel Caviar Jumbo, but have seconds thoughts because I already own a Patent Jumbo.
    2. a *perfect* and timeless black dress.
    3. black ankle boots with platform but still casual enough for day wear.
  2. ... to take my entire paycheck and just blow it on myself and no one else and not feel the least bit selfish! :wlae:
  3. Hermes Picotin :p

    diamond studs :biggrin:
  4. The things that I want are the following:

    - Vintage fur jacket
    -Vintage Givenchy sweater
    -Antique Sapphire ring (this is my must have)
    -Ann Taylor has some floral shoes coming out in spring that I want
    - Ann Taylor Jacket
    -Two pairs of floral design shoes at VS
    -Flower printed dress from Old navy
    -Flower printed tank top from old navy
    -Judith Ripka bracelet
    -shorts and capri pants (doesn't matter brand)
  5. i need a sport watch for me.
  6. I really want a Key Pendant necklace. I saw one in a jewelry store flyer for my area, for only $49.99

  7. I have to have:
    1. LV Palermo PM (hoping to pick this up end of Feb. once I get my bonus at work)
    2. Coach Claire or Julianne in Leather Handbag
    3. Marc Jacobs watch in white
  8. keep em posted :smile: thanks guys
  9. Hermes H-our Watch pm
    Which I am gifting myself on my birthday!
  10. I have Chanel jumbo fever :p
  11. The most long waited Balenciaga GSH PT anthracite.My SA in Amsterdam will inform Paris if they have this baby for me. Hope to hear from her next week!Aaaah,can't Wait!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  12. For me :

    1. Lauren Moshi pink tee
    2. Dior "Zeli" sunglasses
    3. Chanel red woc

    But first I need to find a money tree...
  13. i want:
    gucci medium sukey tote in black guccissima
    classic m/l chanel flap bag in black with silver hw

    just got LV neverfull MM in azur for valentine's day but that was also on my list :smile:
  14. LV- Mono Vernis- Rose Florentin- ALMA MM- A MUSTTTT HAVVEEE!!! $2010.00
    LV- Damier Azur- Neverfull GM- MUST HAVE!!!!! $750.000