whats your most wanted item at the moment?

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  1. Thanks Elsie! you have become a great help to me!! x
  2. LV damier azur eva
    LV damier trevi pm
    LV damier azur insolite wallet
  3. LV Galliera PM
    LV Tulum PM/GM
  4. Very interesting answers thanks!!
  5. A really great brown bag. Casual, can throw over the shoulder type.
  6. chubby fox fur jacket
  7. i like this thread!

    hermes belt kit (belt and buckle)
    christian louboutin jessica wedge boots
    rick owens lilies top
    christian louboutin poseidons
    vivienne westwood anglomania top
    christian louboutin nitoinimois
  8. ^^Lol I was going to post this before reading your post -
    CL Nitoinimois! Wanted these for months but they never quite made it to the sales in black...
  9. ^^ they did...but it was a PITA finding any sizes.... Nordies had them at 40% off and so did Saks.... best to scour the bay for them.... what size are you looking for?
  10. wow I missed out on that boat :shucks:
    Not sure how they run. I'm a 38.5 in the Moulage, Sigourney, Simples, 38 in So Privates, Altadamas, and the new VP sizing. 38 in most other shoe brands.

    Just saw your sig - probably looking for the same ones as you lol.
  11. i managed to snag a blue pair in a 38 from Barneys but they were a little snug and for $7xx i wanted them to fit perfectly, i sent them back.

    i wear a 38 in the new VP sizing so you'd probably need the same size as me, the 38.5....unless you got them stretched.
  12. Jus looked at "CL Nitoinimois" there beautiful!! Thanks moshi_moshi for your comment on my thread. Keep your must haves coming! :smile:
  13. thanks "shilpaworld4" :smile: