whats your most wanted item at the moment?

  1. I HAVE to have a grey bag. I don't care which brand as long it's the grey I've been looking for but can't seem to find since last summer! aghh :sad:
  2. hope you find it! :tup:
  3. Absolutely nothing. I have purchased 2 YSLs this month and I am officially done for a few weeks!
  4. so jealous! wish i could get a ysl just need to save up tho lol :p
  5. i want to buy a new handbag what shall i buy girls im stuck??
  6. chanel m/l lambskin classic flap
    louis vuitton trevi pm

    and then..
    frye boots
    bcbg booties
    new uggs
    and a new tiffany necklace
  7. 1. black leather satchel doesnt any brand
    2. black leather wallet any brand
    3. rose gold watch
    4. rose gold/diamond stud earrings
    5. black beanie hat
    6. black boots
    7. estee lauder magnascopic mascara
  8. YSL Large Muse in a neutral color with gold hardware
  9. Nothing too fancy, but I would like a black leather jacket and a Balenciaga purse. Of course that would require some savings so that won't happen anytime soon:shucks:
  10. I really need a pair of riding boots...
  11. Hmmmm, 1 Chanel purse and 1 LV purse.
    I know I'm going to buy more than that during 2010, unfortunately but those are what I want.
  12. Vintage Chanel Lambskin Jumbo Flap :love:
    Louis Vuitton Perforated Speedy in Fuchsia
  13. im going to buy a chanel flap for defo now i have fell in love with them!:heart:
  14. I want this haute hippie poncho thats sold out =(
    new mac lipstick
  15. Chadwick Brogues in Nude (and for Free People to restock my size. :p)
    An UO giftcard, so that I can go crazy.
    Levi's asymmetrical leather jacket