What's your MOST valuable bag ever?

  1. Hi all...since jello started a thread on your cheapest bag, it would be interesting to see what your most valuable bag is. Is it a LV or another brand?
  2. my most expensive bag is a Gucci... all my LVs are under $1000, I don't have a very big LV collection.
  3. Mine is a Gucci as well......
  4. My s/o epi
  5. Mine is definitely a Vuitton.
  6. I my most expensive bag is my Chloe Betty, then my Balenciaga box...
  7. LV :yes:... Hudson PM, Denim Speedy, black MC Alma... same price range, I think.
  8. My most valuable bag is a Dior Saddle bag my husband bought me for our first Christmas together. It's not the most expensive bag in my collection, that would definitely be a LV bag.
  9. It used to be my Manhattan GM (but then I gave it to my mom).

    So now it would probably be my Batignolles Horizontal....I did just buy a Keepall 50 but bought it used so I paid less than I did for my BH (because I bought the BH new at the LV store).
  10. I would say my brown pink cherry blossom papillon. I missed when it was in stores so I had to buy from Ebay. Yikes! I really do love it, so it was worth it!
  11. My Lodge PM in black MC! One day it'll be my black MC speedy (when I ever buy it!)
  12. not the most expensive but my most valauable would be my MC trouville. A gift from my mom, bt she asked me to wait until we get to europe and she'd buy me one. In short, the bag and a trip to europe were her gifts for my last birthday. It was really a memorable one. She's the sweetest.
  13. Twiggers I would love to see your collection. It sounds like it's really massive! : )
  14. My Gucci Jackie-O Bardot that my DH gave to me for V-day.
  15. My Black MC Petite Noe.