What's your most memorable gift?

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  1. I saw in the LV forum someone talking about a present they were getting for Christmas that's a little disappointing.

    It reminded me of the one of the first couple of years my DH and I were dating and he gave me a microwave as either a birthday or Christmas present, I can't remember anymore. I think I might have had to choke back tears, but now I kind of laugh about it. :rolleyes:

    What are your more memorable gifts received?
  2. One year before DH and I were married, I knew he was getting me a surprise gift but had no clue what it was. I am an artist and the tools are always so expensive, that I never buy myself the good stuff, only the "good-enough" stuff. So he drove up in my parents' driveway on Christmas day and somehow managed to pull a beautiful, top of the line full sized wooden easel out of his little Mustang!! To this day, I've never been so excited about a gift. He went out of his way to figure out the perfect gift--I had never even asked for an easel, but he knew how much I'd love it!

    Fast forward 10 years, and this year I'm getting a new stove and some fur-lined Crocs :rolleyes: but at least that one time, he got me a completely awesome gift LOL!

    Memorable gift the other way.......my SIL, who despises me (because I used to date her husband!), once gave me a movie that somebody had given her. She'd opened it, watched it, decided she didn't like it, and tossed it in a gift bag, no tissue or anything, and gave it to me. She is SUCH a lovely person!
  3. I got my most memorable gift from my grandmother. It's an old monogrammed linen dishtowel, which belonged to my great-grandmother. It was one of the few things she could take with her when she had to flee during WWII.
  4. That sounds beautiful! I imagine it's in storage but, how has it held up over the years?
  5. Friends of mine once baked me gingerbread cookies and decorated them to look like our friends and coworkers. It was so personal and completely hilarious; I always remember that gift.
  6. Well, last year, FH got me a vacuum cleaner and a pillow. No joke! (I know I asked for them, but you would have thought he'd have gotten me something fun, too!)

    One of my favourite gifts received was a portrait drawn by a friend of mine for my birthday, which you can see here: http://barcodegurl.livejournal.com/255183.html

    The thought that someone spent hours (and lots of talent!) on a gift for me was really touching!
  7. It was about 16 years ago when I was 7 or 8 and my Mom and Dad got me the Barbie Dream House , I had asked for it for a couple of years and they finally got it for me
  8. A hot pink Barbie Convertible!!!!
  9. a chocolate heart lollipop, given to me by a childhood "boyfriend". :smile:
  10. My husband had a friend of his(who is a very talented artist) take our favorite photographs from our first trip to England and paint a collage of them. It was a complete and total surprise! He gave it to me Christmas Eve with his family looking on. I just remember his HUGE smile through my tears and hearing his brother say "Way to go, Dude!"

    It's hanging in our dining room. The "practice" sketch is framed and hangs in our bedroom.
  11. bella: I keep it in a LV box and it's still in almost mint condition. It probably wasn't used very often. And that old, handwoven linen is a lot more durable than what we have today...
  12. A photo frame with a single photo of each of my two children mounted in the frame, they took the time (when I wasn't around) to select a photo of them at age 3 & 5 and had it framed.