What's your most interesting rationalization?

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  1. After my PCE purchase of a red patent leather Ergo because it would "match my new car," I got to thinking about all of the justifications I spew out in my own head each time I buy a new bag.

    What are some of the funnier/more outrageous justifications that you all have rationalized purchases with? I thought this might be a riot.
  2. I'm PMSing and need something to cheer me up.
  3. "I got this TH skirt off of eBay for 12.99, I've got to get this straw tote to match it"
    I seriously done this a few months back and almost bought the white w/ blue stitching straw tote for full price..haha! almost...thank goodness I didn't and I ended up w/ the green tote from the outlet much much cheaper.
  4. Just thought I'd throw this one in as well. It's not nearly as fun as "well, I just spent [insert amount here] on a new car, why not a $450 bag to match it perfectly?", but it's more real and honest.

    I've got some medical issues, so when/if they reappear, I get myself presents for living daily life. When I needed a cane for some major mobility issues (thank God things are better for now, but there's no guarentees in the future), I had to buy hundreds of dollars in flats so I'd still be cute.
  5. I love this, I totally hear you! I buy myself little presents, and I do the flats thing too (even though I'm supposed to only be wearing sneakers)

    glad you're better now, hope it stays that way