what's your most expensive shoe purchase?

  1. mine is the MJ python flats at $900+, bought 2 years ago..
  2. A pair of D&G boots I had to have for $1500...then only wore them once.
  3. Jimmy Choo Black Satin Jewelled Peep Pumps $895 (shoes) still haven't worn them

    Chloe Paddington Boots $940 (boots) wear them all the time
  4. My Christian Louboutin Activa Kid for $740--they were a gift.....the ones I bought I guess are the CL Decollete blk patent for $560
    Love them both!!!
  5. Gucci Montana low heel boots on sale for $675.
  6. My most expensive buy was a pair of MJ mouse flats for 200 euros. :smile:
  7. While I love to look at Louboutins, I don't like to spend a lot of money on something that's just going to be on the ground its whole life. I havn't spent more than $250 on a pair of shoes.
  8. $1600 (a few times), but what's it matter? I wear those croc D&G boots a lot
  9. Louis Vuitton Satin Cherry Blossom ballerinas
  10. 650 for my silver manolos
  11. About 1500 for D&G Eel skin boots.....
    It was pricy but I love it!

    Besides boots, 880 for Bruno Frisoni platform Ribbon pumps that I got this week!
  12. $350 for Prada sandals (it was discounted at Nordstrom Rack)
  13. 260€ for black MJ pumps
  14. $525 for Chanel flats.
  15. 350$ Gucci hig heel sandals