whats your most expensive louis

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  1. hey ladys, my husband and i were in louis the other day, and i fell in love with the mono mirage musette burgundy bag and her in australia that costs $3800 which is a lot of money needless to say he bought it for me though he did say hes scared for the day i want to spend more than that on a bag , hahaha, but it got me to thinking what is the most you would spend or have spent on a louis?
  2. my most expensive LV as yet is the Damier Ribera MM -- SGD$1720.
    I'm still a student, struggling to pay my bills and stuff. So I really baby my bags to death.
    Maybe when I graduate, I can start to save up for more LVs. but that's just a thought, because I dont know if I can ever use so many bags in a lifetime. :p
  3. awww your husband is SOOO sweet!! post some pics of your new mirage musette, the mirage line is gorgeoussss.

    the most I've ever spent was $1650 ($1782 w/ tax) on my miroir lockit. Anything more (unless it's luggage) and I'll just take my money and put it towards Hermes.
  4. i will post pics as soon as i unwrap it at christmas, have to wait:sweatdrop:, ahhh i want it now
  5. My Nimbus PM in Perle, but some day I'd like to say my Mahina XL in Gris!
  6. CAITIE your hubz is such a darling ooh I'm envious! My bf would never allow me anywhere near a LV store.
    he cannot understand how people spend that much on bags, the same way as I dont understand how he can spend so much $$ modifying car parts. :sweatdrop:
  7. OMGGGG same with my bf. the $2k RIMS? aftermaket coilovers, turbo, paintjobs? all for what? to get caught by the cops? you really cant' do anything with that power anyways..
  8. :roflmfao: omg that comment made my NIGHT! :tup: i know all too well how you ladies feel!!!

    yikes but i'm a bit nervous to say that i want some pretty rims for my car :push: none of that turbo, coilovers, lip/body kit, trunkbar stuff though. well maybe a cf hood..... oh goodness ladies, knock some purse senses back into me!!!! :wtf:
  9. omg that is TORTURE! christmas is more than a month away!! no worries though, you can do it!! and plus, makes the purse that much more special :love:
  10. two way tie between my mc speedy and motard pochette ($1800). not really afraid to go more. but if i have 5k saved up, i think i'd go for a hermes kelly.
  11. Caley is joining us over on the orange side too!!!!!! :tup:
  12. gelare & honey i hear that
    i have my bags and he has his 2k rims and new bumper and side guards and leather seats and respray, ladys were all on the same boat hahaha
  13. like Gelare above, I'm a student too! My most expensive is my mirage speedy. i baby her to DEATH and even bought the matching bandeau to pretty her up :biggrin: I honestly stare, dream and wish for more...I just wish I had a "real" job so I could save up and buy more purses teehee. Crazy, I know
  14. Yeah that's just madness! Most of the things he tell me about cars, I dont understand.. really... those car lingo... what air-intake etc.. oh I dont even remember the names.

    I think it is still cheaper to be obsessed about bags haha
  15. My most expensive is my motard pochette ($1800). The most expensive I will have is my mirage griet (3400) if my store ever gets one!
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