What's your most expensive Coach item?

  1. Hey I'm bored at work, bare with me. ;) I'll start! It would have to be my new Large Cotton Sig Carly. It's probably my most expensive purse EVER. lol you guys are bad for my bank account! :graucho: :graucho: It cost about $450 including the tax and shipping. whew!
  2. The most expensive item in my Coach collection is my Leather Large Gallery tote, which retails for $458. I only paid $238 for it on eBay, though. The item I paid the most for in my collection would be my Ergo Leather Tote, which was $348 with tax.

    The most I've ever paid for any purse was a Kate Spade Wellesley Gabry (boarskin leather) and it was $354.

    I think that $500 is my cutoff. I can't see myself ever spending more than that on a bag.
  3. My most expensive Coach item is *drum roll please*.... $279 for the black pleated hobo. I know, I know that's not a lot, but for me that's huge considering that in the past I've only paid $99 bucks for my purses mainly at TJM and Marshalls. :shrugs:
  4. Probably my signature beaded tote...
    this puppy...


    Cost me about $378 total if I remember correctly....

    LUCKILY...I had $100 in gift cards, $200 in cash as birthday money...so I paid the rest out of pocket...

    I'm still stunned that I paid nearly $400 for a bag! But I LOVE this thing!
  5. That would be my Legacy Satchel. Oh those Legacy bags. They were a killer for my bank account. :smile:
  6. my large sig carly in khaki and gold...i paid 400+ tax
  7. Are we talking at the moment or by days end. I think I may be headed to Coach in a bit, feeling the need for an Ali!
  8. Mine is the Mandy Courier. Thank goodness I got it on PCE; I paid $650 with tax.

    Although after getting hooked on Balenciaga and spending $1400 on a rare bag, I guess I should not complain.
  9. Well I'm going to Coach to work when I get off work at my FIRST job, LOL, and may have to pick up a Hamptons Signature Tote, BUT for now my most expensive Coach bag is my Pink Soho Suede Hobo. It retailed for $258, I believe, but I paid about 15% of that for it on E-Bay. I call it a great deal! LOL. the most I've ever paid for a Coach bag was $168 for my Sig Multi Stripe demi-- i try to get the big nicer ones cheaper, but now that I'm an SA I think this could be VERY BAD for my budget! :biggrin:
  10. Mine was $298+tax. Now I want even more expensive bags. I know what you mean about this place being bad for the bank account.
  11. My most expensive Coach bag is the black leather large Carly I purchased in March. It retails for $498 but I got it for $373.50 during the PCE. I REALLY love this bag.
  12. Mine would be the large older style ergo hobo. I bought it for about $190 a few years ago. It looks like this:
    coach old ergo L.jpg
  14. Mine would be my Soho Leather Multifunction tote it retailed for $398 and I got it at the outlet for $235ish. That's the most I've ever spent on a bag.