What's your most daring, risky, & never regretted LV buy...?

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  1. I was iChatting with some of my girls and one them was asking me about my Miroir Speedy's.

    Basically she was like "Weren't you afraid that it would be a bad investment....I mean, those bags are really out there..."

    And, it's true that at first I was very nervous about getting this line b/c I was afraid it just wouldn't be "me"...I but I decided to to just take a chance - and it paid off BIG time. The Miroir line is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE LINE:love: ! :yahoo:

    So....What's your most daring, riskiest, and never regretted LV purchase?
  2. haven't gotten there yet, but i also can't wait! is the miroir really your favorite overall?
  3. Hmmmmmm I would have to say (even though it is smaller!!) the leapard bandeau.

    Its very cute but I was unsure if I would love it and I def. do!! :smile:
  4. I would have to say my Miroir Speedy Silver too...that line is super "blam" in your face, but I adore it. Zero regret :yes:
  5. Lol. Miroir for me too. There's so much negativity about it but I LOVE the bags..I haven't stopped carrying them (both Speedys and the gold Pochette) since I got them and get more compliments on those than any of my other bags!
  6. Although I don't like Miroir Speedy but I think it is not a bad investment at all. The price is not so expensive and it is a special LV bag. I mean it is not a normal monogram bag which all people holding around.

    *** I rarely buy LVs but I never regretted on every LV that I have bought :smile:
  7. Cerise lizard pochette

  8. OMG Twinkle...I want that pochette!!!!!!!!!!!

    In my case....I really don't think any of mine are "out there" or "daring". I guess I thought originally that the Groom would be too "cutsey" and everything...but I ended up loving it.
  9. ^^^ OMG that's gorgeous! How could there ever been any doubt? :love:
  10. Have to say the bag I thought most about buying & hesitated many times was the black multicolore Speedy 30. I had already bought the white one & thought that's enough in multicolore but then I saw someone carrying the black & thought I have to have it! I have never regretted it!
    My biggest regret is NOT buying the mirroir speedy- HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!
  11. The only time I hyperventilated over a handbag was when I bought my white mc alma. At the time, it was the most money I had EVER spent on a handbag and it was only my 2nd lv bag ever. I remember I had to sit down in the mall and contemplate whether or not to go home with it. Now, I can say I have never regretted buying that bag and I'll never get rid of it.
  12. I never knew if i would actually like having regular monogram...i just always had something holding me back about it...but after getting my wapity, i really love it (even though its small)!
  13. Waltz Oskar:love:


    I LOVE it to pieces and get stares every time I am out with it!

    And my Frange Bucket (def. daring and a little tacky too!:graucho:)

  14. It's pretty darn small, and doesn't hold much...and I am a big bag girl, so I was unsure if I would actually use it. But I do and I love it!!! :love:
  15. Besides Miroir, I think it'll be my epi speedy, which was my first 2nd hand item in my life. Now I have to check out LT every single day.