What's your most Craziest/Embarrassing Episode at Work?

  1. I have a couple...
    Embarrasing: My female boss was cheating on her husband with a co-worker. Once, I walked into her office and they were together talking, I went to ask her for her shirt size (trade show attire) and the guy goes to me: "Well, I don't know her shirt size but I could tell you her panties are so tiny that they almost look like a doll's panties....":wtf:I felt so embarrased for her that I walked out her office in two seconds!!!

    Embarrasing: My male boss, Sr. VP (previous to the female boos-same company). I walked into his office and I prompted to his side to ask him to sign/approve a sale. He forgot to close one of his open windows in his computer screen ( a naked woman) the guy was so embarrased and he goes "OMG I'm so sorry, you know, some stupid guy send it to me, is not what you think, OMG" ......LOL he freaked out...I acted normal, asked for his signature, walked out of his office.
  2. Holy cow! And at the same company too! Hahaha. I think your stories got me beat - I can't think of any!

    There really isn't anything that goes on that's too embarrassing here. We're all very open and play practical jokes on one another occasionally. Maybe I don't get embarrassed easily or maybe we're just dull. :sad:
  3. I took the office of someone that left for reasons that were not disclosed to me. I had to clean out all of his files and drawers. There were tons of floppy disks in a box. I didn't empty out that box and left it in the cabinet thinking that I may need them to save files onto. A week later, one of my co-workers asked for a blank floppy. So, I went and put one labeled "Xmas List" into the computer so I could erase the contents. Much to my surprise, it was pictures of naked men. All the disks in there had those kind of pictures. The most embarassing is the one that had naked pictures of HIM. He works for a competitor and I have seen him at industry meetings and conferences. Talk about embarassing!
  4. another one....
    embarrasing: I was alone in the office supplies room and I thought it was safe to release a little gas...the hotest guy in the office (single) walked into the room soon after...OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!:lol::blush::blush::blush::shocked:that was so embarrasing!!! the guys goes to me: "you know, you must stop eating taco "hell", not good for your health...LOL"

    craziest: I hooked up with the same guy moths after that incident happened. Our relationship lasted 3 yrs!
  5. My first day at Starbucks, the manager was showing me around and we had to make more iced tea. He gives me a pouch and says "put this in the pitcher."

    I rip open the pouch and dump the contents into the pitcher.

    He then says, "Um . . . yeah. That was a tea-bag, so we need to do that again."
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. I was like, "Oh, GOD! I'm sorry!"

    He goes, "Don't be sorry! It's funny!"
  8. I've got another one . . .

    It was dead in the store, and someone comes up and orders a grande white mocha. I make the drink and go to call it and for the life of me, completely forgot what it was! I was like, "I've got a . . . what is this?"

    My shift supervisor was like, "And THIS is why you ALWAYS mark drinks!"
  9. That is a great one Caitlin!
  10. I've got a million of 'em . . .

    It was sometime in December, and I had completely lost my voice. Like, if I tried to talk, my vocal chords would hurt. To avoid me talking, I would either ring up customers or mark drinks.

    Just before it was time for me to go home, the shift supervisor decided that there weren't too many people so it was fine for me to do bar.

    Someone comes in and orders a decaf grande nonfat vanilla latte. (Normally, when the cashier calls the drink to the person on bar, the person on bar will call it back to the cashier, just to see if they heard correctly. And if you screw up calling it, you don't say, "I lied" you say "Recall")

    I go to call it back, but I got to "decaf grande" and just said "ah, screw it" and went to make it.

    Another time, (again, no voice) I was working with another partner on bar. I'd hand the drink over and there were quite a number of them so it got to the point where the customer would know their drink was next. As they got up to the bar I would "whisper" their drink and then apologize for lack of voice.

    At one point, I handed a drink over and a customer had a question . . . something about either wanting or not wanting whipped cream. Because I thought the answer required a long explanation or that it would turn into a discussion, I whispered my answer to the other partner, and he explained it to the customer.
  11. I went to take a deposition and one of the attorneys whispers in my ear "Your skirt is unzipped." Well, turns out I walked all the way across a huge parking lot, through a metal detector, and down a long hall in the courthouse and he was the first one who told me. I just kind of laughed and he'd joke with me about it when he'd see me again. Wasn't really that bad. At least I had on some new panties that day and they weren't thong or he'd have seen my butt!
  12. Caitlin...the teabag story is hilarious!!! Had me LoL-ing even though I'm bleary-eyed and ready for sleeeep. ;)
  13. Caitlin, i love all your * bux stories. I work there too and can relate to all of them. Well except the ice tea one.
  14. A few years ago I was working two jobs. A 8-5 office job during the weekdays and at a japanese restaurant 3-4 nights a week. To support my shopping habit. I was getting a little burnt out. I answered the phone at my office job... "Hi, Shogun's Restaurant. How may I help you?". I was so embarassed I hung up on our client.
  15. Here's a crazy & embarrassing story that happened a few years ago...

    I used to work at a bank and we'd close at 6. I'd always need to stay later of course and finish some paperwork, etc. Well, around 6:15 it's pretty quiet and the cleaning lady comes up to me (speaks very little English) and says "Karen (not real name) needs you downstairs." I was totally confused, why would Karen need me now and why downstairs (where our break room and bathroom are located).

    WELL...I go downstairs and walk past the break room and continue on to the bathroom and could not guess what I would see next. I walk in and there's my co-worker, NAKED from the waist down standing in the middle of the bathroom! She quickly scooted into the stall and says "Oh, it's terrible, I had a sudden attack of diarrhea and went all over myself, it's all over my skirt, my stockings, my shoes, oohhh." Well, needless to say, I am a bit shocked at the sight but never even thought to bust out laughing or anything. I'm usually really calm in crisis situations - if you can call this situation that. Then she tells me she needs me to find her some underwear because hers are soaked. The closest place I could think of was the Duane Reade drugstore across the street - hoping I could find some of those white cotton panties in a pack.

    Long story short, I found her some panties and quietly/discreetly took them to her and I never said a word to anyone about this, despite and probably because of the fact that this woman was really disliked in the office.

    Story over? NO. Fast forward several weeks, Karen is out of the office and someone is looking for something in her office and what do they find? The pack of panties, open and one missing. They hold it up in disbelief and someone (the office loud mouth/jerk) sees her and busts out laughing and they start concocting stories about why the panties are there and why one is missing, etc. They tell me about it and I just laugh and tell them they shouldn't be snooping around, you never know what you'll find!