What's Your Most Controversial Fashion-Related Opinion?

  1. Do you have any fashion views that you can count on to spark lively debate if you share them?

    I have two.

    Number One. I am an anti-high heel extremist. I don't care how expensive they are, how good the quality of the materials or workmanship. They cause damage not only to feet, but to the spine. They reek, in my view, of subjugation and objectification of women. I consider them about a half step up from foot-binding, and few things have gladdened my heart more than the re-emergence of the flat, especially beautiful, "embellished" flats, and I hope that the beauty and splendor of flats will, albeit gradually, encroach and eventually displace, dispatch, and vanquish the high heel forever.

    Number Two. I think blondes wearing red is a very tricky proposition. While I would not go so far as to say that no blonde should ever wear any red under any circumstances, most of the time, when I see a blonde wearing red, the first thought that comes unbidden to my mind is how much prettier she would look in a different color, and the second is on which brunette that particular shade of red would look good.

    Let me re-emphasize, I am not saying that it cannot be done. It is quite possible that it can be done more than I realize, because I think what usually happens is that the color is chosen for its own beauty, without enough consideration of whether it will enhance and highlight the beauty of the wearer, or whether the red will wear the blonde. And I see a whole lot of reds wearing blondes, both in real life and on the various screens.

    So flame away if you like, but in addition to the flames, please also post your OWN controversial fashion opinions! :P
  3. Thank you- exactly what I was thinking! I have very high-arched small feet. Heels are most comfortable for my foot shape most of the time. While it's true that I've come across the occasional uncomfortable pair of heels, I'm much more likely to be uncomfortable walking around in flats all day. My feet just aren't built for most flats. They give me blisters, and actually hurt more than heels.

    Also, I've never thought of high heels as objectifying/subjugating me. *Quite* the opposite. I wear them because they make *me* feel powerful. At just over 5'4" naturally, those extra three inches really make a difference. Most flats, on the other hand, make me feel stumpy and frumpy. :smile: