What's your morning hair and make up routine?

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  1. What things do you do on a daily basis, say for a normal work day?

    I get up, brush my teeth, shower (wash my hair about half the time depending on whether it needs it or not), and then get out and do deodorant, body lotion, perfume, eye cream. Put on makeup - tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, lipstick or gloss, mascara (on curled lashes), groom brows, do eyeshadow and liner if I feel like it or have the time. Then after I get dressed, I do my hair (which usually consists of a high ponytail and a little hair spray to hold it in place- sadly I'm not much of a hairstyle girl.)

    That's about it. On the weekends I take care of all the higher-maintenance stuff (bikini, manis/pedis, tweezing, etc.) but during the week I think I'm pretty low maintenance. Curious to see how my routine compares to all you lovely ladies'. :smile:

  2. Usually I get up, make coffee (very important part of beauty routine, without it makeup is a disaster!), shower, blowdry if I wash my hair (I try to wash it in the evenings mostly), wash my face with Chanel cleanser and toner, put on makeup (usually powder foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, a little blush, real foundation and eyeliner if I'm feeling ambitious), deoderant and lotion, get dressed, then brush my teeth (I've been drinking coffee throughout all of the other beauty tasks). I brush my hair out again if need be, add lipstick, and then run out the door!
  3. Shower, shampoo, conidtion, shave, facial scrub or cleanse. Then I use Lovely body lotion, deoderant. Use my toner, then apply serum, then moisturiser, and eye cream. Then I use leave in styling conditioner, blow dry my hair, put in hot rollers...(I know...so 80's but it really helps my hair look good) as my rollers are in I do my eyes, then bare minerals, bronzer, mascara (on curled lashes) then I brush my teeth, do my lips, take out the rollers toss my hair, spray light hairpray on my hands and comb thru my hair with my finger tips.. Then perfume (lovely), put foot oil spray on my toes and heels...wash my hands and away I go! Then the clothes and bag routine starts!!! I do pedicures every other Friday and I tweeze as needed. I have my hair highlighted every 4-5 weeks, and wax as well.
  4. HAHA this is funny.

    Showers happen before I go to bed at night. Can't sleep w/out one.
    First get something to drink - Diet Dr. Pepper,
    put in crest whitening strips,
    Tweeze problem areas - eyebrows
    Wash face, put on moisturizer
    Wash and condition hair
    put in styling products into hair
    dry hair
    roll hair with curling iron
    go into bedroom and put on make-up
    go back into the bathroom and comb out & style hairdo
    spray it
    put on clothes, underwear, and shoes
    put on perfume
    put on jewelry
    find my handbag (can't leave w/out that!!!!)

    Workouts, shaving, and all that other hardcore stuff I do at night. I'm not a morning person @ all
  5. I brush my hair then massage my face, neck.. after few minutes take a bath-compose of brushing hair again,then shampoo, 3x a week conditioner, face scrub,facial foam wash, bodysalts, body foam, I always dilute my fave perfume with water and pour it on my body as my last wash..then foot scrub.. brush feet.. Apply toner, EYE cream--I cant live without... then moisturizer on face neck then brush teeth..body lotion, and oil, then deodorant, then put on some clothes, do make up, do the hair again., brush teeth.. put on some gloss.. perfume, jewelry, brush my nails.. then thats it I guess..
  6. it takes me about 15-20 to get ready in the morning (running around the house like mad :wlae:)

    • grab my dior foaming cleanser and hop in the shower
    • shampoo and condition with pantene, while conditioner's in my hair wash my face with the dior cleanser and my clarisonic face brush
    • wrap my hair in a towel and brush my teeth
    • apply SK-II's facial treatment essence (which i put in my little spritzer so it's faster), sisley eye cream, and then Estee Lauder Idealist on top of all that--> then SK-II emulsion lotion or DDF dramatic radiance cream depending on how my face is feeling...and a creme de la mer on my cheeks which get super dry
    • run to my room, use either la mer foundation or bare minerals on my cheeks to mask redness
    • fill in my spare eyebrows with anastasia brow powder or pencil-oh and tweeze if i have the time, if not just use a mini razor for a quick touch up
    • apply a little eyeshadow/liner (if i'm seeing the boyfriend)-bobbi brown gel eyeliner if i have the time
    • use sk-ii air touch foundation over all of it to even out my skin and set everything else
    • take hair out of towel, apply some leave in conditioner and brush then put back in a dry towel and run to bathroom to clean my eyeliner brush with baby shampoo while waiting for foundation to dry (making sure not to touch face with hair or else hello streaky face :cursing:)
    • put hair in a messy bun if it's a school day and make a mad dash downstairs while spritzing myself with perfume if i remember
  7. Cleanse with Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser
    Cleanse with Clarins Ultra Foaming Cleanser
    Tone with SKII Facial Treatment Lotion
    Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion
    Kiehl's Oil Free Sodium PCA Moisturiser
    Kiehl's Abyssine eye cream
    Clarins Sunscreenn
    Bobbi Brown Tinted Moistuirizer
    YSL Touche Eclat if needed under the eyes

    Wax from Bumble&Bumble
    or Mud from Sebastian Professional
    or Bumble&Bumble Styling Lotion

    Damn, seems a lot for a guy my age, but come to think of it, I never had severe acne!!
  8. My routine takes about 40 minutes:

    I hate going to sleep dirty, so I usually take a shower before I go to sleep. I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face with Cetaphyl wash (cheap, but the best cleanser that I have ever used and I have just about tried everything), and depending on the day, Kiehl's micro-dermabrasion my skin. I then use Abyssine eye and day creme (with spf 15.) If I didn't lay out my outfit the night before (which is more often than not these days), I spend fifteen minutes putting an outfit together while drinking my cup of coffee. I get dressed and by this time, my moisturizer has had enough time to sit in. I then spend ten minutes putting on my makeup, which these days consists of concealor, mineral foundation, mineral blush, some mineral eyeshadow, some Mac eyeliner and bad gal eye brightener mascara. Most of the time, I only wear lip balm, but if I do wear lip color, it is either a nude MAC lipstick (High Tea or Russe), or Mac Lip Gloss in mink. If I have time left, I straighten my hair using an ionic iron and B & B straight, and if I don't, I use B & B curl creme.

    If I wake up late, and am having a bad morning, I cut out the coffee and horribly enough, do my makeup in the car on my way to work (at stoplights, of course!)
  9. Cleanse with DDF cleanser
    Apply DDF moisturizer
    Apply Bare Minerals
    Apply lip gloss
  10. I usually shower or bathe the night before, and I only wash my hair every other day. I often figure out what I'm going to wear the night before as I am definitely not a morning person.

    Hubby brings me coffee -- I know, I'm spoiled -- and I drink it while I moisturize my face and do my makeup. I don't see the need to clean my face in the morning since I did it the night before and it hasn't gotten dirty while I was sleeping -- if it feels grotty for any reason, I use some toner on a cotton pad.

    I use a light layer of Diorskin foundation, YSL Touche Eclat under the eyes, around the mouth, and on my chin -- I have a touch of redness there -- and seal it with MAC Studio Fix foundation powder. I use Bobbi Brown blush (or Guerlain bronzer if it is summer), then I apply my eye makeup. I brush my brows, apply a blonde Dior eye pencil, apply Dior eyeshadow quad and either Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner (it goes on like a dream), or a kohl eye pencil liner. I use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. I usually use Maybelline because it never clumps. I use MAC lip moisturizer -- it's the only one that lipstick just glides over -- and whatever lipstick matches my outfit, usually something in the red/brown/coral scheme. I use all kinds of lipstick, but like Dior, Chanel and Bobbi Brown the best. Then I apply liner. I don't use gloss much except in the summer. If I remember, I spray my face with a little flower water to set the makeup. I keep my hair simple -- a bob -- and all I do is brush it.

    If I'm in a rush, I forego the eyeshadow and just brush blush or bronzer on my eyelids and apply mascara, but I always do my brows, powder my face and lipstick. Hand lotion and a light spritz of perfume, rings, watch, earrings etc. and I'm on my way. My routine takes me 15 minutes or less, but it helps that I organize myself the night before.
  11. I get up and brush my teeth and put in my contacts. Usually I feed my dog first because she is very demanding.

    If I have to work early and I get up early enough I eat something and play solitaire on the computer to sort of wake me up.

    Then take a shower, wash my hair every other day and usually shave my legs every other day.

    Swab out ears with Q-tips, put on deodorant, face cream, eye cream, dry hair (if washed).

    Get dressed. Then put on makeup (Bare Escentals powder, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick)

    Put my computer in my bag and drag it out to my car and go to work. Try to get a goodbye kiss from my dog but she always knows I'm leaving so she gets pissed and won't kiss me goodbye.

    If I don't have to work that day or work late I usually eat after I do all that and dress casual.
  12. Oops, how could I forget about my contacts? That's the first thing I do.
  13. good thread!
  14. I'm not a makeup person (yet)...so the morning routine:

    Let doggie out
    Check tPF...drink 1/2 a diet pepsi
    Upstairs now....lay out clothes
    Shower (shampoo, conditioner, clinique face wash, clinique thermal pore refiner, exfoliate feet, body scrub)
    Wrap hair in towel
    Clinique toner, clinique moisturizer
    Then brush the teeth, floss, mouthwash
    Check for stray brows/pluck if necessary
    Throw hair into ponytail
    Throw on clothes
    Agonize over which bag to wear
    Put doggie in his house (he's crate trained)
    Out the door :smile:
  15. Turn off alarm.
    Put on underpants.
    Eat breakfast.
    Take vitamins.
    Brush teeth and wash face.
    Do hair in a ponytail.
    Get dressed.
    Put on makeup (powder, lippie and mascara).
    Put on earrings.
    Put on shoes.
    Grab uni bag and lunch.

    Walk out the door!

    I shower at night by the way!!