What's your monthly routine


May 3, 2006
OK, ladies and gents. What is your monthly routine for pampering and how much does it cost? Are you that organized or do you go in the hair salon and beg that there was a cancellation. Here's mine:

Hair - Thursdays @ 2:00
Facial - First Tuesday of the month @ 4:00
Mani - Fridays @ 12:00
Pedi - Third Friday @ 3:00

There are some months that I get a liitle extra (hair color, touch-up, haircut, different type of facial). So let's say I spend about $450. Every now and then I get a massage (that would put me a little over $500).

What's your routine?

2-3 colors foil every 5-6 weeks. Either Monday or Wednesday at 5:00 pm

$120.00 + $25-30 tip

Cut -- I try to get a trim every time I get color, but if she is busy we skip the cut.

$30 + 6-8 tip.

I used to get a mani & pedi every other Sunday, but the girls decided to stop working Sundays so I am still working on setting a new schedule.

$35+ 10 tip


Approx every 3 months:

$45-60 + 10-15 tip.

So I woukld guess approx $100 or so per month
Nope...I live in AZ and I schedule my treatments regularly as well...

every 6 weeks: trim/highlight/Kerastase in-salon treatment

every Tuesday: manicure

every other Tuesday: pedicure

Every 3 months: facial

etc, etc