What's your limit?

  1. What is you Tokidoki limit? Like the thing you will NEVER buy because it's way too expensive or just not worth the money or you just hate it. For me, it's any bag over 175$, the hoodies (they're cute but not worth 90$), and I don't like the shoes.
  2. :hrmm: i dont think i have a limit... just a limit of my checkbook
  3. I don't have a limit per se. I always just go with a gut feeling... if there's something I want on e-bay, I think about what I feel comfortable paying (how much I'm willing to pay) and I'm good about keeping to it. If there's something I want in the store, I just think about if I'm willing to pay that price. If I am, I get it. If not, I don't.

    That's why I still haven't gotten my Black Camo bella bella!! *lol* I'm not willing to pay what it's selling for on e-bay!! Haha.
  4. my limit has been pushed to the limits :roflmfao:.
    but I'm slowly being more conservative on what i buy now. I think I would not spend more then $200 on a bag (I did once, but my hubby bought it for my bday). I try to keep it WELL below $200.

    I pretty much have every print (except olive cammo and solids) and I'm just bargin shopping. If I really want something, I will sell something first, to get something else. Give and TAke!
  5. hmmm...i think sky is the limit for me (in regard to bags). However, I don't look at eBay or even have an eBay account. I personally purchase all bags at retail price in the stores (although I do own a few things from eBay that people have given me). Toki bags seem decently affordable compared to other stuff I own. I'm willing to pay any prices at the boutiques. I also own two of the hoodies and LOVE them.
  6. I have no limit as long as I can find a promo code or something there is nothing I won't buy. Oh ... except maybe for those 3D sterling silver charms ... $121 is A LOT to pay for a SS Charm IMO.
  7. I think I just hit my total limit. I have 5 bags coming to me in the next 2 days, which is more than I've ever spent on bags in a year. It's a little nerve racking for me, and I hope not to do it again.

    But as for my limit on a single bag, I don't really have one. But due to my recent purchases, I must set one.
  8. I have no limit :idea:
  9. i refuse to shell out (over) $200 for a nylon bag (although i've come close)... i mean it would be different if i was super rich, or had a super rich sugar daddy... but i'm not and i don't :push:
  10. no no no, no no no no, no no no no, no no theres no limit!

    well actually when you have used up all your bank balance and your overdraft, that may be a limit. I wouldnt pay over $200 for a small bag, maybe a big one like a luna or trenino I guess, but ebay is being annoying for high BINs at the moment.
  11. whatever it takes to get what i want :]
  12. Goodness. I don't have a limit on what I'd buy - but my bank account does! That's the only thing that's stopping me. I even buy the hoodies, even though they're priced all CRAZY.
  13. I am down to getting two more bags (including the ever elusive Tan PG), then I'm done! I don't really collect any other TD items (although I have two pairs of the Fornarina sneakers), so once my collection is complete, I can actually sit back enjoy my assortment of bags :smile:

    As for price limit, I won't go over $200 for a bag. I am a bargain hunter by nature... In department stores I will only buy on sale with discount coupons or I shop at discount stores like Loehmann's and Filene's Basement... and even there I use coupons! I have never bought a current bag in store at retail, I just couldn't. Now if it is aftermarket goods like eBay, I aim to get things at retail or below, but I might go over retail if its something I reaaaalllly want. So far I have only gone over retail once, but it included shipping so I really only went over by $20. I could live with that.
  14. I try not to spend over $200 on 1 bag, and I try to get 1 bag per print that I like. For hoodie, I try to get only 1 hoodie per new releases. I only get shirts when I really like the character (the $35 ones, not $44 ones) or when I find a deal somewhere. No shoes or makeup for me.
  15. I think $200 is a good limit for me. I spent $220 once and I really regret it, so I won't do that again.