What's Your Least Favorite...

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  1. Anything that's acid rock
    Your least favorite piece of clothing?
  2. Yoga pants
    Your least favorite drink?
  3. Fresca
    Same question
  4. Answered already
    Your least favorite show to watch on TV?
  5. Mainstream News
    Least favorite ice ream flavor?
  6. Vanilla
    Least favorite football team?
  7. Green Bay Packers
    Same question
  8. Patriots
    Least favorite app?
  9. Most game apps
    Least favorite job?
  10. Grocery Checker (That I've ever had...)
    Your least favorite actor/actress?
  11. Robert DeNiro
    same question?
  12. Bette Midler
    Your least favorite news station?
  13. CNN
    What is your least favorite drink?
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  14. ^^^^^ I heartily agree!
    Grapefruit juice
    Same question
  15. Answered
    Your least favorite brand item?