What's Your Least Favorite...

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  1. Summer

    House chore?
  2. Cleaning the toilet!

    Least favorite genre of music?
  3. Death Metal

    Least favorite clothing trend?
  4. Super short dresses and skirts.

    Least favorite t.v. show?
  5. The Simpsons

    Time of the day ?
  6. Morning

    Least favorite bag you own?
  7. Louis Vuitton mono favorite mm

    Same question
  8. Probably my DE cabas Rivington or mono Metis

    Same question?
  9. #4179 Apr 26, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
    Probably my Speedy 35 in DA

    Least favorite sound?
  10. When people crack their gum ( not sure what it's officially called?)

    Same question?
  11. buzzing insects

    Least favorite movie?
  12. Pacific Rim

    Least favorite task at work?
  13. When a parent sends an obnoxious "my angel baby would never say/do/write _____" email and u have to tell them that, indeed, angel baby would say/do/write _______

    Least favorite holiday?
  14. Thanksgiving

    Least favorite sauce flavor for chicken wings?
  15. Honey barbeque.

    Least favorite contemporary brand ?