whats your least favorite on your collection?

  1. mine's the manhattan, the straps just get in the way all the time!
  2. viva-cite. the suede lining ruined my MC wallet.
  3. Bosphore GM Messenger-- just way too big
  4. My Musette......I hate when the ends of the flap cover like to "curl" upwards....
  5. My mini looping. The corners on the flap are curling up. Plus, it's just too small for me.
  6. Deauville, I just don't get to use it often enough.
    I tried it as a day bag, but the handles are too small & uncomfortable & you have to put a strap on it when traveling to have at least one hand free. Wish I got the Sharon Stone/Amfar bag instead :sad:
  7. Beverly Mm and that's why I just listed it on eBay!!!

    There is way too much vachetta on the bag for my taste!
  8. My karakorum scarf hasn't aged that well and I probably use it the least.
  9. Epi tresor Wallet. I wish I got the French Wallet instead. I bought it from Elux and didn't even check it out IRL before making the purchase!
  10. Mat PTI Wallet. I bought it becuase it was a great find on eBay and I wanted a matching wallet for my Mat Allston. I got it shortly after I got my Pochette Wallet, the Pachette Wallet is so user friendly compared to the Mat PTI. Love the look but don't like the funtionality.
  11. I have a beautiful red Epi Pochette Accessories that I never use. I love it, but the strap is just too short - for me, if I can't get a bag's strap over my shoulder, it sits in the closet. Keep thinking I should just eBay it, but I can't part with it, even though I don't use it. :s
  12. Well for me it's a tie between which bag(s) is my least favorite. For me it's the Musette Tango short strap and the Viva Cite GM. The Musette Tango is just too small to hold much and the V.C-GM has an annoying (pivoting) strap.
  13. Would have to be my Mono Croissant MM ... it's actually too small for me now and too much of a pain to get my stuff in and out of it!
  14. hmmm that's tough. I guess mine is anything with too much of the brass on it because it tarnishes soooooo quickly and has made me feel like the bags are cheap :sad: Never thought I would say that or that I am starting to rethink buying anymore :sad:
  15. How about getting a keychain extender?

    My least fave is either my Houston (I wish it weren't so wide across the bottom and that the straps were longer) or Damier Papillon 26 (I just don't love it).