What's your LEAST expensive loved bag?

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  1. Anyone with some bucks can have an expensive bag they are madly in love with but what about the other end of the price range? Is it possible to love a low priced bag?
  2. My least expensive bag, which I love is my Carlos Falchi baby barrel bag. :love: I want couches made out of the Falchi leather - it is so nice.

    If I am not using something (and it is not what I consider collectible) I donate it to charity; I don't pack-rat anything.

    EDIT***SuzyZ - what about you, do you have a low-priced fave?
  3. I'm finding some really hot bags that don't bankrupt me all the time - I love my Andrea Brueckner saddle ($298.00) I also have a new Francesco Biasia ($318.00) and of course everybody's favorite IF's "Audra" ($398.00) I'm really curious about others. - By the way, Falchi was a premier designer ahead of his time, his bags have always been a cut above. He did metallic years ago.
  4. Probably my Monsac bags (many bought at various Nordstroms sales for less than $250) and my Francesco Biasia Nebbiolo bag.
  5. i actually have a $14 bag from american eagle that i got in high school that i still like quite a lot. the strap is actually really beautiful leather and the body is tan corduroy. it's quite slouchy and it's held up well. i use it when i'm not sure my purse will be in a safe place, lol
  6. My $39 sale gold metallic leather hobo w/ dark brown tassel zipper pull/trim from Bakers Shoes...The gold is perfect not too gawdy...very slouchy... fits and matches everything :smile:
  7. A Gap bag which was 20$, it's shaped kind of like the baggy PM actually !
  8. i bought a kenneth cole black leather bag in the same shape as the kate spade pia a couple of years ago and i loved it! wore it to death! it was only recently that i finally let it for consignment. it was about $100 i think.
  9. flea markets are actually a pretty big thing here (i'm not sure if it's the same anywhere else). but, i bought a hand made purse there for about $20 that i love.
  10. Bevelry Hills has flea markets?? wow I'd like to hit one of those - I'm headed out there on the 27th for a week - where do I go? I guess we are talking weekends only.
  11. My Longchamp Le Pliage. Easy to wipe off and goes with everything. I purchased it online under 75.00.
  12. I have tons of bags from that are less than 50 dollars that I've used and tossed around to death.
  13. This $30 slouchy bohemian hobo I got while hunting down bargains at a Melrose boutique.
  14. I love my Coach Scribble small tote- I got a great deal on it - $78 and I'm usually someone who doesn't like a lot of colors but I think the scribble design is so fun. I also like all the pockets inside and how the top zips closed.
  15. a $12 tote for school :love: . it's big and i can throw it around and get it dirty if i want because it's machine washable