Whats your latest Obsessions?

  1. Mine are
    Nicole Richie
    1960s Rosemarys baby!!! Mia farrow and her wardrobe!!!!!
    chanel 5018 sunglasses
    scarfs vintage
    Zac POsen
    Vintage 60s 70s jewlery
    Chanel headbands
  2. CHanel is also an obsession lately...
  3. Rock and Republic pants.
    My new diamond bracelet.
    Shoes. I use to wear the same pair pretty much everyday, but now I wear different ones every day.
  4. rock and republic?? i work for them!!!! hehehe
  5. Extreme mountain climbing (Everest, Denali, K2, etc.). I would never actually do it but I am fascinated by the stories of others who do, so I must've read 15-20 books about it in the past couple of months.
  6. -Baking!
    -Collecting recipe books.
    -Pencil skirts.
  7. Finding decent furniture for my dining room
    Baking (I have a budding cake business)
    Handbags are new to me! Though that obsession is cooling fast when I realize I can do/get a LOT more for my money elsewhere!
  8. knitting! i cannot get enough of all the fun yarns out there. i'm on a baby hat binge....they're quick, easy, and a good way to practice new stitches.
  9. -Embellished Ed Hardy shirts (only v-neck low cut ones, not plain t-shirts)
    tacky to some but I like it

    -Paris Hilton
    -My Steve Madden boots (I get so many compliments on them even though they aren't high end)
    - La Perla lingerie
  10. For me it's been pretty much the same for the past seven years.
    -Make up I'm contantly buying(I love trying different lip glosses, eyeshadows, mascara etc.)
    -And no recently planning my wedding
  11. Balenciaga:graucho: (I mean, that's why I'm here, right?!)
    Alice Ritter
    Lauren Moffatt
    Chloe shoes
    All things purple
    Girly personalized note cards
    Hermes Twillys
    The Shins
    The perfect cashmere sweater
    My MotoQ
  12. Hotel parties
    Boyfriend shopping
  13. Buying makeup, specifically lipstick
    Watching Sunset Beach on Youtube
  14. boyfriend shopping? details please... Chloe sunglasses!!! i have 2 pairs and LOVE THEM
  15. re-decorating my room!!
    my new Prada glasses
    Stella McCartney for Adidas
    my workout classes at the gym
    books. i have rediscovered the library
    my kitty, mumu