What's your Key Chain?

  1. As I've already posted - my hubby will (hopefully) be buying me a new Mini Cooper at the end of the year and as we will have separate cars (again!) I would like a new Key Chain for my Mini Keys - I was wondering what sort to get - LV, Coach etc - what do other pfers have?

    Pics would be good too! I LOVE pics!!!
  2. I have the coach "hamptons signature mini skinny"...Its great because if I dont want my whole purse i can just put my license and credit card and some money in it and im all set to go. i attachted a picture!
  3. [​IMG]
    This is the one I'm using right now, from Tiffany & Co. though I also have a Vuitton one I used to use.
  4. I had the Tiffany Star Key Chain but now I have two LV key holders:
    mc key driving.jpg easter 5.jpg
  5. I have an Acura one for my car key, but for the rest, I just use this little guy. He was part of the Chinese zodiac key chains. I'm not a tiger, but he was cuter than the horse.
  6. Here is my super unexciting keychain (with my dog's foot in the picture). It's the one that came with the car and then I have another loop with housekeys on there and a little Rabbit in the Moon charm thingy. I have too many keys to have a big dangly keychain. As it is they are too big of a clump of crap.
  7. I have two technically, but I only use the Gucci one shown as an actual keychain. I would probably get a different one, but my Mother bought it for me, and I don't feel like spending $ to get a new one as I really don't care at the end of the day. lol I use the LV as a small wallet for evening bags usually. Photo of LV is courtesy of Eluxury.


  8. I have an LV mono cles hooked on my keys. I also have a guardian angel keychain. It has the angel with a plaque under it that reads "Guardian Angel, protect me, my passengers, and all who I pass by with a steady hand and a watchful eye". I also have Hello Kitty key caps on my door keys. I got them at Hot Topic.
    You can only sort of see the angel in the pic, and you can only see the hook end of the cles. Sorry. The focus of this pic was the key caps.
  9. This is the key chain that I am currently using.

    This picture is from eBay and it is better than one that I would have taken.
  10. I have this and I love it!!!!

  11. Currently I have a Coach charm ... flower. I'd really like to get an LV Vernis Cles in Pomme or Amarante which would replace it (although I'd probably switch off and on for variety). I'd love to get more of the Coach charms too ... they're all so cute!
  12. beljwl, I really like that Tiffany one. Do you have a problem with the ends coming unscrewed?
  13. That's what I was going to ask because I used to have one of those and the end kept coming loose.

    I'm loving these - they are really giving me something to think about - to all those with the LV Key Holders - do they annoy you when you are driving?
  14. This is what Im currently using :yahoo:

  15. i have this too!! my sister bought me it when she was in New York!