What's your "keep or return" limit?

  1. I got a HH handbag from the great sale, but it's darker than I thought it would be. I like the bag's style, but I'm iffy-to-negative on the color. Now I'm debating whether to return it and need to decide in the next 2 days.

    On one hand, it was a great deal, and I'd be out ~$20 in shipping/handling if I returned it; on the other hand, if I don't use it, that's ~$130 sitting around wasted. If the bag was $50, I'd definitely keep it; if the bag was $300, I'd definitely return it. This has made me realize that I'm willing to gamble ~$100-150 on whether I'll use and grow to like something.

    So I was wondering, what convinces you to keep something that you're ambivalent on? How do you decide whether to keep a handbag that you kind of like but don't love?
  2. If I loved the style and hated the colour I would not keep the bag and vice versa. However if my overall outlook of the bag was okay to good then I would keep the bag hoping I would grow to love it - I am no help lol!
  3. I have beautiful MK by Michael Kors clutch that I got for just $30 and never used. Seriously thinking about ebaying it.
  4. If you don't like the color then return it because you probably will never use it. Being out $20 is much better than being out $150 IMO.
  5. I just despise returning anything. I guess my first choice for shopping is to do it in real life. That way, if I see a bag on the internet is available in a store near me, I just go there and get it or wait for it to go on sale. The whole UPS, FexEx, mail thing with shipping just turns me off. So, my answer would be I would never return anything....unless I managed to get it home and found that it was defective.
  6. I return bags if don't like them. Otherwise you are not going to use it and when you look at it you'll regret that $150 you spent. You can always sell it on eBay if you don't want to be out the postage.
  7. I definitely return them! I have ebayed some $300 bags that were sold so cheap that I never should have listed them! I usually receive free shipping-so it's no loss to return the bag-if you won't use it-lose it! I sent back the HH triple strap bag after the sale-because I didn't like the vachetta leather color and it was just too stiff...even though I only paid $152 for it. :smile:
  8. i've never returned a handbag. even if i order one and she's not exactly what i thought she would be, i've learned to love her for who she is.

    what are we talking about here, a dominique or a nomande?
  9. I totally agree.
  10. I've never really had this particular problem because I almost always shop IRL and have never bought a bag online. I have also never bought a bag I regretted buying, but that does not hold for clothes/shoes! In my experience, if I am not sure about something in a shop then I will still not be sure about it when I get it home, and am unlikely to use it much/at all. So these days if when I am shopping I am unsure about something, I figure that makes the decision for me.

    If the bag doesn't do it for you I recommend returning it so that it can be loved properly by someone else!
  11. I return if I don't like. It's not worth keeping the bag no matter how much money it is. If you don't like it, you just don't like it. Why keep it?!!
  12. Mercer triple-compartment in luggage.
  13. I'm debating whether to return it b/c I like the design but not the color. I'm not sure whether the color annoys me enough that I wouldn't use it.

    For example, I used to dislike white/cream handbags, dismissing them as too much of a pain to keep clean. Then I bought a Club Monaco off-white leather messenger bag on sale even though I disliked the color because I liked the style. I used it often enough that I'm now converted and like white/cream handbags -- I own 4 different ones. So the chance that I'd be converted on this color (luggage) makes me hesitant to return the bag.