What's your imaginary career?

  1. The person who picks out songs for movie soundtracks. I've always wanted to do that.
  2. Queen of the world :queen:
  3. I always wanted to be a art gallery owner or the owner of a high end jewelry store.

  4. I've always want to be a stylist! Find clothes for people, sort out their wardrobes, find the style that suits them etc etc etc !
    I get shivvers just thinking about it!:smile:
  5. I can't sing one word in tune and my voice cracks all the time. My dog howls when I sing and my husband is deaf in his right ear from me singing in the car from the passenger side seat. With all of this, I would LOVE to a world renowned opera singer. Ahhhhh, to sing a duet with Andre Bocelli (swoons). :tender:
  6. I always wanted to be a ballerina.
  7. A vet but since I'm a klutz, that's out of the question in reality.
  8. Art director or a writer of psychological suspenses.

    The former is purely imaginary, but there's still hope for the latter before I die!
  9. A museum curator, or to work at a place like Christie's! Or to maintain a library full of ancient books; maybe work at the Bodleian Library.
  10. I am a novelist!!
  11. A buyer for like Saks or Barneys.

    I've also always wanted to be an obstetrician or mid-wife
  12. Travel writer!
  13. ohh booyy..
    well I've always wanted to be a Pop Star.
    Think of Cora Corman from Music & Lyrics.
    This is kind of embarassing haha.
    Since I'm a terrible singer.
  14. Ok you know those fake news programs like "Dateline" "20/20" and "48 Hours Mystery?" I LOVE 'em!!! I would love to be a writer for one of those programs. The narrations are always so hokey it's a riot!:

    Killer bees: is your family in danger???
  15. A writer....but that will come in due time! :greengrin: