What's Your Goth Name?

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  1. Heartless Archangel! Kind of tue!:graucho::rolleyes:
  2. The Evil Fairy~
  3. Bloody Tears
  4. Freak :nuts:
  5. Demonic Angel
  6. Midnight Temptress :yes:
  7. Beautiful Scars
  8. Velvet Rain Drops :queen:
  9. Midnight Mistress? huh, didn't know I had a women's name :p
  10. ^--- haha!

    Mine is- Heavenly Demonic
  11. HAHA! And DH's is 'Violent Sex Addict' !!
  13. Disturbed Angel

    Hmmm, that's kind of spot on :roflmfao:
  14. kittie corpse!!