What's your GOOFIEST H nightmare?

  1. I just had mine...

    As some of you may know, I've had the worst spa experiences lately (item returned had more boo-boos than beforehand & had to be resent). So naturally I'm now a ball of nerves whenever any of my "bambinas" leave my side.

    So last night I dreamt that not only was the wrong bag returned to me (2 sizes too big and wrong skin) but it also had DUKAUKIS spelled out in huge white collegiate letters that were sewed on the flap. Wtf?! Those darn political campaigns.

    While I was in complete shock, one of the SA explained to me "Oh don't worry, it was just used as a prop for one of the political campaigns... We can take the stitches off. We do this all the time..." O-M-G!!!

    After watching the artisan remove this jumbo lettering, I was then left w/ a destroyed bag that now had the dotted outline of DUKAUKIS spelled all over the flap. At that point, I woke up.

    Man, talk about silly! What's your nocturnal H nuttiness?