What's your goal?

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  1. Share your goal here! Let's get all our butts in gear to reach it and be super fabulous! :flowers:
  2. i want to lose 35-55 lbs...... but i am willing to settle for 5 lbs for now.. hehe
  3. i've lost 15 pounds as of today, and i would like to lose 35 more - i'm well on my way!
  4. I've lost 8 lbs. but I really just want to tone up. Would like to wear a bikini this summer.
  5. in the long run i'd like to lose 20 lbs, but for now i'd be happy with 10. :biggrin:
  6. i want to loes 20 pounds. the sooner the better. it's harder than it seems!
  7. My goal is to complete my undergrad, my MBA and finalize with my Doctorate. ;)
  8. In Diet and Fitness? :P
  9. hehe ;)
  10. I would like to lose 15-20 lbs. I've lost 3 pounds already over the last 2 weeks. Its strange b/c when I was walking 3 miles a day I wasn't losing anything & now I haven't been working out as much it's all of a sudden coming off. I love it!!
  11. cut out all coke products and lose around 20 lbs. Since today was Monday and my move is finished I cut out 1 coke today (switched it with a diet snapple, which is about the only diet thing I like)....so the goal this week is to cut out 1 coke a day and to also eat breakfast everyday (today I had a yogurt).
  12. lose 10 pounds minimum by end of july...
  13. I want to get down to 150 lbs for 5ft9.
  14. Loose 10 pounds by my birthday!!!
  15. I want to lose 30 lbs...I'm using the Calorie King app on my pc & keeping track of what I eat. I also want to work out (bleh) and eat healthy! As I write this I am eating a plate of broccoli & carrots- yummy! I've lost 4 lbs so far (in about a month)..
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