What's your fragrance personality?

  1. Do you tend to:

    1. Stick with one signature scent;

    2. Buy a bottle of perfume, use that one all up, then buy a different one (and so on);


    3. alternate between lots of different ones at once?

    I've always generally been type number 2... but when I started dating my husband, he loved the fragrance I was wearing at the time so much that now he keeps buying it for me. So I've been wearing that one for years. It was recently discontinued though, so now I may finally get to switch, lol!

  2. I just love 2, Chanel coco mademoiselle and Lacoste touch of pink! lol, depending on my mood I swap them around :smile:
  3. I'm a #3 type. I have probably 10 bottles of fragrance and I alternate...sometimes I'll wear one for a couple of weeks at a time, or a couple of days at a time, but I'm always alternating at some point. And I'm always searching for my next "great" fragrance...much like I"m always searching for my next great bag!! !
  4. I have stuck with a signature scent for 20+ years, it was Christalle by Chanel. Well I just got rid of all my beauty products and am starting new...... I wanted a big change. So I ordered Roses and Lime Blossom by Jo Malone and body lotion too...... I am wearing a grapefruit mix fragrance right now but I forgot the name---I bought it on sale at a store going out of business at 75% off---so I got the lotion and bath products to match and I really like the light clean scent. If I like a scent I will stay with it and I think the Jo Malone products will be my favorite since you can layer the different scents together. My one friend still wears Opium which you can smell across the room and the strong perfume scents kind of make me sick. Especially when people put on too much perfume in the summer....
  5. The only fragrance I ever wear is D&G Light Blue. I wish they made candles too so my house could also have that scent.
  6. I'm a #3...I'm always alternating between perfumes
  7. I used to be type #1 and wore "Samsara" by Guerlain for years.

    I now am more like #3 and will try a new bottle after finishing (or tiring) of an existing one. I am currently wearing "Princess" by Vera Wang.

    I believe Miss Dior Cherie will be my next fragrance.
  8. I bought many perfumes but I do stick to a few. I always need to have Estee Lauder White Linen breeze, Allure by Chanel, Stella by Stella Mccartney as my signature fragrances. Lately, am addicted to a new parfume by Sean John. It smells very strength at first but smell so nice later. Love it!

    I also use Davidoff-Cool water, Gucci Rush 1&2, Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Armani for her (red bottle), CK1 & CK be, Aquadi by Giogio Armani, and Gucci Parfume II.
  9. Im # 3. I alternate between so many bottles of perfume. I find it incredibly difficult to actually finish a bottle.
  10. ^^ Forgot to add that sometimes I go through phases where I don't wear perfume at all, and just use a scented body lotion instead. But lately I prefer perfume.
  11. #3 all the way!
  12. I am def. a #3! I have sooo much perfume! I love perfume and like to rotate!
  13. Another number 3 here! I own several different perfumes and am always on the lookout for another! But, all of my scents usually have similar notes. I like it to smell fresh and flowery (especially if there's peony or rose in it), and a hint of citrus. Here's part of my collection, so you get an idea!

    -Gucci Envy Me (this is my all time favourite)
    -Versace Bright Crystal
    -Gap So Pink
    -Clinique Happy Heart

    I only wish Chanel made something along these lines. I own Allure, but find it's best for winter (too sweet). I love the staying power in Chanel's fragrances, but they all smell either vintage or sickly sweet to me. Even Chance Eau Fraiche. :sad:
  14. I love Coco Chanel and Chanel Allure.
  15. I'm a number two, maybe even a #3? I always use Princess by Vera Wang and Blossoming Romance by Victoria's Secret (I take the VS one to school with me, and leave Princess at home)