What's your first Prada purchase?

  1. Here's mine..
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  2. Congrats :smile:

    I believe my first purchase was a saffiano cardholder and some nylon make up pouches... A few days later I added a pair of cute wedges... And now I continue my journey with bags, wallets, shoes, accessories etc. :P :heart:
  3. Prada wedges !

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  4. saffron french wallet from the outlet. been using it for a year now and it's lovely
  5. Prada Saffiano WOC in Peonia

  6. Is it saffiano? :smile:
  7. First purchase was a wallet in peonia
  8. oh I meant to say saffiano! sorry my laptop corrected me haha. It's black
  9. Saffiano mini promenade in red with silver hardware. Such a lovely cute little bag.
  10. Prada sneakers
  11. BN 1874 in nero
  12. Vitello daino east west in camel. TBH this is my only Prada! A pic of when the bag is still new! It has kind of slouched a bit over the years and has some corner wear but still going strong.
  13. Gorgeous shoes! What are they called? Mine was a saffiano lux tote in granato.
  14. My infamous Golden Goose. Lambskin (inside and out) bucket shoulder bag. It's stuffed with tissue here, but remove the tissue from the inside and it collapses into a sinful pile of silky, soft lambskin.

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