What's your first LV piece ever?

  1. I'll start with mine...

    A Paris Scrapbook (US$60?) back in 1999 when I was only 11 year old. Bought with my very own savings and it was my first time in the LV store unaccompanied by my mom. As far as I could remember the SAs were really nice to me.

    I loved the book very much but sadly could not locate it after years gone by. The first purchasing experience, however, I will never forget. It was that little amount of money and a little something made of paper that started my love for LV. I must say I am now hooked for life!
  2. damier speedy 25! got it when I was 18...still my favorite!
  3. i was 18 and got a white multicolor pochette and a papillon 19 the same day. multicolor pochette was the very first though.
  4. i got my first piece the Keepall 45 when i was age 16 for my birthday present from my mum:yes::p
  5. A mono speedy from my mom and a mono petit noé from my aunt when I was 16 years old:smile:. Which reminds me of how OLD I am now:roflmfao:!
  6. Mono Speedy 25! I was 24.
  7. My sister gave me a Mono Noé as a bday gift in 1987....lol
    some of you weren't even around then !!!!!
  8. I first got a Keepall, I loved the shape but hated the size, it was a 60 and too big for me
  9. This year about march I bought my first LV purse. It is a damier speedy 25. I love it and it goes with everything. I haven't decided if I would like to buy my next speedy for my birthday or for sooner for fall/winter. My birthday is in January and I'm not sure if I would like to buy it now or later.
  10. I'm 35 & I'm hoping my make my very first LV purchase soon! I am wanting a LV epi alma. I have visited the boutique & tried on several bags & this is the one for me. Probably black, as it would go with everything. At 16, $5 would burn a hole in my pocket--good for all you that are able to save for it!!

  11. Mono Speedy 25 which I got when I was 20
  12. My first was a Reporter PM. That was 111 days ago. I still LVoe it!!!
  13. I got mine (Speedy 30 in Azur) this past summer during my first trip to Paris! It was a very memorable experience.
  14. Last year at age 33, I discovered LV. My first bag was a mono petite bucket.
  15. Compact zipped wallet - bought a month ago, second hand.
    But it is a beauty, and no usage visible. I got the receipt also and it shows that the wallet is from 1998. A very nice piece...
    AND I LOVE IT. Makes me smile every time I look at it...