Whats your favourite smoothie recipe?

  1. Whats your favourite smoothie recipe? I've had a smoothie maker for ages, but I've never really used it before. I really want to start eating & drinking healthier & I think making my own smoothies will be a lot better for me than living off coke! I've found some recipies online but I want to know everybody else's opinions! What do you find the easiest/quickest to prepare in the mornings? Most cost efficient? & of course tastiest?! :p

    Sorry if something like this has been asked before. I did do a quick search but couldn't find anything! Thanks!
  2. This doesn't really taste good but it's supposed to be healthy... so I just drink it every morning HAHAHA

    I mix strawberries, an apple, a banana, milk, and plain yogurt together.
    and the amount I put in usually varies.
    but USUALLY it's 4 strawberries, 1/2 apple, 1 banana, 1 spoon plain yogurt and just a litttttttttle bit of milk.
    :sweatdrop: this probably wasn't much of a help~
  3. I love smoothies! When I was at home, I used to make one every morning for breakfast. I usually have a mixed bag of frozen fruit with strawberries, grapes, peaches, and some other fruits. I'll add a cup of that with a fresh banana, a little bit of Equal, and some water. I found if I add yogurt or some kind of juice, it's too sweet.
  4. Frozen strawberries, 1/2 frozen bannana, and milk, water or apple juice. All good!
  5. Has anyone made smoothies using sherbet? Maybe instead of the yogurt and sweetener? I wonder if it would come out the same..
  6. Whenever I slept over at my cousin's, my aunt would make this smoothie for us: just throw Sunny Delight juice, a banana, some ice and blend away. Yummy!
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions! I just went out & got a bunch of fruit today, I can't wait to try it out!
  8. my recipe:
    1 of the single serving cups of strawberry or strawberry-banana yogurt
    a couple handfuls of thawed frozen strawberries (or fresh)
    1 banana
    some OJ
  9. Been freezing a sliced banana and putting it and 1c skim milk and a spoonful of Vanilla Yogurt in the Magic Bullet. YUMMY banana shake/smoothy! Got the idea from a posting on another thread here. Loving every minute of it!!!
  10. i'd have to say strawberry, mango or banana ang half a cup of frozen unsweetened yogurt! sometime though, i also substitute the unsweetened yogurt for a mango yogurt or berry mix yogurt..
    i make sure to freeze the fruits an hour before using them so i'd use less ice cubes.
  11. Kefir is my favorite smoothie base. It is like yoghurt but still liquid.

    I buy peach kefir and add frozen chunks of peach with no sugar added. Then chop/mix in the blender.

    Or plain kefir with blueberries. Or plain kefir with mangoes. Or.......

    Vanilla extract can be a great addition.
  12. I'm really lazy and never bother with fresh fruits... all that cutting/washing/peeling:angel:...

    I use frozen mixed berries (another plus is it's a lot cheaper than fresh berries, because it's frozen, it also makes your smoothie thicker), some plain vanilla yogurt, and soy milk. Voila!
  13. i like fruity tasting smoothies and here's one i especially loved plus it's loaded with vitamin c and it has a TON of anti-oxidants in it.

    -handful of strawbeerries
    -handful of raspberries
    -handful of blueberries
    -one bananna
    -1 cup of orange juice
    -a splash of apple juice

    mix, mix, mix.
  14. OMG I do the same thing accidentally since the bananas were riping and vanilla yogurt about to expire. I squeeze some lemon juice, water or milk and shave ice in the MB all together too (just because I don't like my smoothie too sweet). Love it!!!!!
  15. I love fruity smoothies! My recipe is below. I don't use ice because I feel like it tastes too watered down for me, but that's just my opinion.

    - Fill up 1/3 of the blender with frozen strawberries (that I buy in a big bag) but any fresh or frozen fruit will do.
    - 1/2-1 frozen banana (Whenever I buy fresh bananas and know they'll go bad before I get a chance to eat them, I peel them, cut them in half and store them in baggies in the freezer, cuts down on waste:tup:)
    - 1 cup of juice (or one of DS's juice boxes); I use apple but any juice will do
    - 1 container of yogurt (again, any brand or fruity flavor)
    - Leftover ice cream/sherbert/frozen yogurt in the freezer. This adds to texture, and again cuts down on waste. You probably have a half-eaten container of vanilla ice cream or something. 1 big scoop is plenty.
    This makes about 4 servings.
    Blend and enjoy :drool:.