Whats your favourite most versatile bag? :)

  1. I think I need a new one after my recent discovery :sad: lol :smile: Thanks girlies
  2. Definitely the Blake! I'm so torn between choosing two particular colors that I'm even thinking of getting them both :shame: It's so bad...
  3. Black multi pocket. :yes:
  4. I like the Venetia.
  5. I'm leaning toward the Sophia. I love the shoulder strap length, the outside pockets, the inside dividers. I am dying for a MP, and am hoping that will also be equally, if not more, versatile.

    My Stella looks very flat on me unless I have it stuffed.

    My Blake makes me mental when shopping because I prefer a bag that fits over my shoulder.

    I love my Selmas, but the lobsterclaws can be annoying at times.
  6. Do you mean the Venetia? 'Cause I think the Blake certainly has longer shoulder straps, unless you're talking about it being thicker than Venetia.
  7. as much as i loooooove my hudson, my most versatile bag is my black quilted ursula elise. that bag is just as perfect with jeans as it is with a cocktail dress...and i love it for that.
  8. My Kirsten in Acorn. I often carry it to work.
  9. I really love my large Multipocket. :heart:
  10. My stellas have proven to be staples in my collection...
  11. I use my MP almost everyday! It holds a lot of stuff, fits on the shoulder well, and is easy to carry.... My most versatile and comfortable bag, hands down!
  12. thats it, black multipocket just added itself to my list lol
  13. I would say my large mp =) I alternate between that and my Trish.
  14. It has been a tie among the Carmen, Blake, and Stella for me. Does that help?
  15. I really like my Multipocket! It goes with everything, holds a ton, and looks great!