What's your favourite LV line?


What is your favourite line in LV?

  1. Monogram

  2. MC

  3. Damier

  4. Damier Azur

  5. Epi

  6. Vernis

  7. Mini Lin

  8. Denim

  9. Suhali

  10. Other

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  1. I tried a seach and didn't find this question asked before...

    So - what is your favourite line in LV?
  2. For practical purposes, I would say the epi line. For the more traditional LV, I would vote for mono. Finally, for the fun-loving, sporty look, my vote is for the multi-color line.
  3. Mine is vernis- its so pretty!
  4. Today it is the epi. Tomorrow it may be something else! I'm fickle!
  5. I think the MC line is stunning-especially the white.
  6. Although I love them all, I think I like the Damier the most.
  7. Damier, hands down.
  8. Today its azur. Im sure tomorrow it will be something else.
  9. Epi with a strong second; Vernis.
  10. It changes...right now it's vernis...who knows what's next :smile:
  11. I'll always love the Epi line because of the comforting colour that it brings.
  12. MC all the way !!!!!!!
  13. Monogram because it's classic.
    I do :heart: multicolor & Damier Azur too....:cutesy:
  14. MC MC MC................and Vernis
  15. Usually it's either of the classics Damier or Monogram. Of course it changes with the season to when you lease expect something that makes your heart go thump!