What's your favourite EPI colour?

  1. I just love the mandarin and fawn colour. Would love to see plum or raspberry come out one day.
  2. Red and mandarin.
  3. I have a epi lilac rochelle. which I love and I'm getting a mandarin bag next week. Those have always been my favorite colors.

    I also like the pepper, vanilla, moka, and the new white.
  4. Mandarin and Vanilla. I don't have anything in the Vanilla but maybe someday.
  5. Mandarin and Canelle.
  6. Myrtile, Toledo Blue, Mandarin, and Ivorie.
  7. My favorite is Moka but I like Cannelle, Mandarin and Red too
  8. mandarin, vanilla, ivoire ivoire ivoire, and lilac. not too keen on the others dark colours. I'm a light person. =)
  9. lilac, myrtile, moka and black..........
  10. My favorite Epi colors are:

    1) Vanilla
    2) Black
    3) Mandarin
  11. I love the red but I don't own it yet...
    is the manderine still available.
  12. red- very sassy
    black-very classy
  13. lilac, vanilla, myrtile.:heart:i love epi!!!
  14. I liike mandarin and red, they totally stand out in epi bags.
  15. Def. vanilla :love: