What's YOUR favourite burger joint? Pics please!

  1. I didnt want to hijack Megs's burger thread so I thought I would start a new one .. what is YOUR favourite burger place?
    Ours would be (Gourmet Burger Kitchen aka. GBK) in London, UK .. we liked the branches in Chiswick and Westbourne Grove (sp?) the best ... when we were living in London, we used to eat there every singe weekend!! sometimes on weekdays too!! it's just too good to be true!! ..

  2. not really a burger joint but theres a place in portugal where my parents have a home that has beer taps on the table, it like a petrol pump and has a little dial to tell you how much it will cost. it so cool.
  3. In-n-out. Greasy but good, and really cheap!!
  4. cool!! any pics? :graucho: lets make people hungry haha
  5. another vote for in-n-out!
  6. Would love to, but I would have to fly to the other side of the country. Haven't found anything to match it in NYC. We have gourmet burgers galore out here, but sometimes you just want the taste of good ole fashioned burgers. Here's a link, though:

  7. Winstead's in Kansas City!!

    It has the best onion rings EVER. I won't even eat onion rings anywhere else!

    I live in Denver so I only get to KC about once a year to visit my best friend. When we're there, we eat at Winstead's as much as we can!

    I don't really eat a lot of fast food burgers but these are so YUMMY!
  8. Fuddruckers. Get the "Gordo." You will feel like a gorged boa constrictor, and will probably not want to even think about food for a day or two afterward, but it's worth it.

    They also have smaller ones, and there is one bigger than the Gordo, which is made out an entire pound of hamburger. If you happen to have an alarmingly large husband, he may be able to consume two of these, and watching him do it, and then request some caramel brownies, will be very entertaining for you.
  9. yup, another vote
  10. i don't have a pic but i really love arby's! their signature melt is tdf! slurps.
  11. My vote is tied between In N Out and FatBurger.
  12. Mine? MickeyD's double cheeseburger! No pickle for me though :lol:


    Fuddruckers triple cheeseburger with Monterey Jack, Swiss and Cheddar. Yuuuuummmmmmmmm!
  13. There is this place in New Orleans called Port a Call. OMG the absolute best burger and loaded bake potatoe EVER. I think they have a website.


    And the drinks.. .wooo very good. Everyone there talks about the Monsoon, but it was so loaded with alcohol I couldn't drink it. The Huma Huma is my fav.
  14. I wish we had an In-n-Out around here. I'm dying to try them.

    I really like Chili's burgers.
  15. Burgermaster, hands down! It's a true drive-in.


    Oh man this thread is making me hungry again!