what's your favourite balenciaga green?

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what is your favourite balenciaga green?

  1. apple green 05

  2. emerald 06

  3. sapin 06

  4. vert gazon 07

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  1. :yes:
  2. 05 Olive -- it's the dark olive. Very sumptuous...:drool:
  3. i'm a dolma fan, but it's not one of the color choices.
  4. oops sorry for the mistake, ladies!!! I included these colors only because they are the candidates for the "green bag" spot in my collection :smile:
  5. 05 olive and dolma
  6. :love: Apple Apple Apple !!!!!!!:love:
  7. no worries! in that case, i would choose sapin or apple!
  8. Like more of the neutral greens like Olive, origan or dolma.
  9. khaki!
  10. Vert Gazon :heart:
  11. First Olive Green and then Sapin.:smile:
  12. Sapin!!!

    I :heart: it SO much! Enough for it to be a serious contender for when I was deciding on the colour of my Bowling :p
  13. apple green and dolma
  14. Apple and Vert d'eau
  15. Sea Green and Sea Foam....