Whats your favorite

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  1. Halloween Candy......
    love em- my DH says im nuts.. i eat the white first then the orange then the yellow..:graucho:
  2. Has been and always will be Reese's.:love: Also, those green apple with caramel on the outside lollipops are pretty good.
  3. DH loves candy corn too...lol...I prefer something chocolate.
  4. chocolate and candy corn...oh yeah and sweet tarts mmmm
  5. Funny! I was "testing" my daughter's candy corn when I popped into this thread! :P
  6. anything chocolate!
  7. Give me chocolate!!!!!!
  8. Coffee crisps. Totally addictive.
  9. Pumpkins (that taste kind of like candy corn). I made myself sick on them though. And Laffy Taffy.
  10. I love candy corn too! And I eat them yellow first, then white, then orange.
  11. :shame:
  12. Milk Duds and Hot Tamales. And Baby Ruth and Butterfinger. And Reese's and Starbursts.
  13. Snickers!!
  14. Mini kit kats!
  15. EVERYTHING! is that bad?:popcorn: