What's your favorite

  1. What's your all time favorite Kooba that you use daily without worrying about? I know there's alot of mention about color transfer, rain, etc. but what's the one that is a bit more hardy and you don't worry about as often?
  2. I have a Claudia in cognac. It's the color of dirt! Perfect.
  3. My favorite Kooba (thus far) is my only Kooba - Dylan in Eggplant. I :heart: her!! I haven't taken it out in rain yet, but I think the crackled leather would hold up well.

    I'm pretty sure my next bag will be a Lola. I'm waiting to find the new hot pink/fuschia Lola that Luvhandbags! found at NM.
  4. Paige hands down. I have it in bourbon. It's so easy to use and sturdy so far.
  5. My Cognac Marcelle:heart: So light and easy to wear..

    Out of all the other "older" Koobas, I would love a Paige (wish it wasn't so heavy, though) The Lola look great in the pics, just wonder what the leather will be like..
  6. It would have to be my Renee. The leather is wonderfully distressed, very soft and light weight. I toss it around without a worry. Love it!
  7. My cognac Chiara can handle her own ;)
  8. My nutmeg Sienna; wears like a tank, but still looks great & fits perfectly.
  9. My two Gingers are used most days for work - one in tobacco and one in black. I just love them.
  10. I guess I would have to say that it would be my ebano python embossed Jessie. It wears like a tank, even though I baby it like I do all my other bags. I love my flower embossed Sienna, too, and I find that the more I wear that one, the leather gets softer and softer, which is really nice, too.
  11. Sienna in smooth espresso. Doesn't show dirt, smudges, or anything and looks great always.
  12. Well, I've sold all my Koobas but one now. I have a Sloane in honey and that bag takes a beating!
  13. I took my Olive Sienna everywhere, and I mean everywhere, for about six months. I never went anywhere where dirt was flying about, and I was never caught in a downpour, but my trusty old Olive Sienna was a true champion. I still miss her... :crybaby:
  14. It's a toss-up between all my Siennas - the smooth black, espresso and luggage colors. I haven't worn them in awhile, but I took them out today and admired how flattering and wonderful they truly are....:love:
  15. Black embossed Sienna-- she's taking a little rest now, but she was my everday winter bag & looks almost new.

    The embossed Siennas weren't such a big hit, but I think they're great.