Whats your favorite ...

  1. piece of Chanel jewelry? The one piece you can wear with almost anything??
  2. hmm its gotta be my pearl studded cc earrings with the pearl drop at the end! these go with almost everything in my wardrobe and instantly add something special to whatever outfit i'm wearing :yes:
  3. my gold reissue!
  4. That would be my J12's.:yes:
  5. my quilted chanel logo earrings...i wear them everyday.
  6. My rhinestone CC's earrings!
  7. My only and favorite Chanel jewelry piece is my rhinestone earrings ... Love them!
  8. yeah I would say my j12, i just love it.
  9. rhinestone cc earrings. :tup:
  10. Any earrings , necklace , bracelet, brooch with the CC logo. They are all classic for me.
  11. CC rhinestone earrings. I :heart: mine!
  12. :heart:CC earrings
  13. I just got a pearl cc necklace...the one with all white pearls and the cc's on it...it is great it can be doubled up around the neck, etc....don't know how I lived without it!:p
  14. my only piece is this Chanel ring .... LOVES it!!!

  15. my cc earrings