What’s your favorite work out music?

  1. I’m looking for some upbeat music to keep me motivated when working out I’m loving Shakira’s Hip Don’t Lie right now and if you could suggest some tunes or your favorite work out music.

  2. i like hardcore or post-hardcore when i work out. thursday, the blood brothers, these arms are snakes, the letters organize, the icarus line...

    lol these selections are probably not all that helpful to most folks.
  3. Of course it has to be upbeat music. Like Cascada "Evertime we touch". However, i rarely work out, so i guess it doesn't count. hehehe.
  4. I suggest using Pandora.com to check out similar music. Its a free site that will play music you like based on a song or artist. Then you listen to the songs and approve or reject their recommendations. Its REALLY neat!! I'm addicted and have found some great running music that way! You can even save your favorite "music stations" as you create them. Its really worth a look!
  5. back when I use to work out I had a CD named "gym jams" it had songs like christina aguilera dirrty and other upbeat songs
  6. Yes ! I love the Pandora project, best part is that there's no advertising besides the links to purchase the songs if you like them.

    If you try this site, I highly recommend Plummet's Damaged (upbeat dance music) and listening to similar music recommended.
  7. i like up tempo pop. christina, britney, beyonce, etc. i know the words, keeps my tempo and heart rate up and it's just plain fun. :smile:

    amanda - a friend of mine runs to the same stuff. she says the angrier she is the faster she goes. its an adreniline thing. :smile:
  8. punk rock and alternative - nofx, lagwagon, alkaline trio, strung out, hot water music, rise against, sum41, lawrence arms, dropkick murphys, jimmy eat world, hole, nirvana, bush, the pixies, radiohead, etc.
  9. hmmm. AC/DC and Journey are both good choices. I also like to listen to...

    Over it, thursday, give up the ghost, pepper, brand new, and anything peppy.
  10. cristina - i like your taste in music!!! woo hoo!!!

    answer to the question: i dont work out! hehehehe!
  11. i can't waaaaaait for brand new's new cd.

    and it's totally an adrenaline thing - i gotta be ready to kill someone to work out, lol.
  12. Since I was a swimmer... music never came in handy much. I wish all pools had underwater speakers- one of the pools that I swam at growing up did and that was awesome
  13. Thanks! :shame: You're too funny! :lol: I'm about to head out the door in a bit to go for a run, gotta figure out what I want to listen to today :nuts:
  14. Same here. Sometimes I find myself starting to dance along to the music at the gym, hahaha.
  15. Thanks everyone time to get my iPod out and download some movin music

    KittyBag- thanks for the suggestion I can feel and new addiction coming on LOL