What's Your Favorite......& Why?

  1. Black !!!

    Fav bag you want but just can't afford right now?
  2. I REALLY want the Oryany bag in Olive (i have never had an olive bag before) but it seems to be sold out everywhere :sad:

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  3. The one from Pretty Little Liars?

    I want a Birkin- but that won't be happening!

    Fav fashion inspiration?
  4. ^Yes, that's the one!!! :biggrin:

    Ooh a Birkin, colour, skin and HW please, do tell!

    I love loads of celebs looks and use them as inspiration sometimes, for the most part though i buy what i like and will make an outfit work round a particular piece...

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  5. 30 cm Togo Blue Jean Hermes Birkin!!! Too bad you don't live stateside they're on clearance here- hope you find one!!

    I get alot of inspiration from Fashion Blogs...

    Favorite Look you wore this week?
  6. ^Effin h£ll, i didn't even know Hermes WENT on sale!!! But still, no way that i could afford one, MK for me all the way, lol!

    Favourite look this week is what i will wear tomorrow (yes i can feel already that i am going to love it, lol!)

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  7. loungewear :p

    your fav time of day?
  8. Evening, when all the chores are done, and dinner is being eaten whilst watching the soaps, lol!

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  9. Weekdays..4:30..time I get off of work.

    Favorite nail polish color at the moment?
  10. OPI: Rainforest

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  11. NO NO NO! I meant the bag you want is on sale stateside LMAO!:p
  12. OPI Shatter - but I have yet to use it...

    Favorite comfort food?
  13. Pasta

    Favorite brand for sunglasses?
  14. Chanel

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  15. Oh no, do they literally have THE ONE that i want? If so then i wanna cry!!!

    Stupid me thinking that you meant Hermes, what a blonde i can be at times, haha


    Swimwear brand?