What's Your Favorite......& Why?

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  1. Audi A8
    Same question
  2. My Audi A6-even though it's old.
    Your favorite to drive in-a sedan or an SUV?
  3. Sedan
    Your favorite kind of coat to wear?
  4. Leather
    Same question
  5. Answered
    Your favorite person?
  6. My husband
    Same question
  7. My sons
    Your favorite treat?
  8. Ice cream
    Same question
  9. Bread Pudding with hot caramel sauce
    Your favorite recurring program to watch?
  10. Below Deck
    Your favorite all time movie?
  11. Gone with the wind
    Same question
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  12. Mine, too! I've seen and read the book countless times.
    Your favorite gift to receive?
  13. Gift cards/Money
    Your favorite month of the year?
  14. June
    Same question
  15. December
    Your favorite soup?