What's Your Favorite......& Why?

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  1. Another is Budapest
    Favorite fast food restaurant?
  2. Don’t have one
    Same q
  3. Chick-Fil-A
    Your favorite store to shop in?
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  4. Nordstrom
    Same q
  5. Talbots
    Your favorite veggie?
  6. Corn
    Same q
  7. first one that comes to mind is collard greens

    your favorite dessert
  8. Bread pudding with caramel sauce
    Your favorite way to watch a movie?
  9. At home on the couch
    Same question
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  10. at home

    your favorite grocery store
  11. Wegmans
    Your favorite place to get your clothes?
  12. Anthropologie

    Favorite gemstone?
  13. Diamond
    Same q
  14. Diamond
    What is your favorite moisturizer?