What's Your Favorite......& Why?

  1. Anything Bath & Body Works...

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  2. ASDA, haha

    Disney movie?
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2 & 3

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  4. Bedknobs and broomsticks

    Animated film?
  5. Toy Story 1,2 & 3

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  6. up

    movie from 2010?
  7. Black Swan!! And Exit through Gift Shop was really amazing

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  8. "The next three days" - AWESOME movie!

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  9. Alice in Wonderland.

    Favourite hair-styling product?
  10. L'oreal Play Ball

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  11. carols daughter macadamia serum

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  12. I don't use hair products- except Shampoo/Conditioner, my Fav = Fructis

    Favorite type of bag style?
  13. Right now- hobo

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  14. Hobo/Anything big - I don't do WOC...

    Favorite handbag color?
  15. ^Same. I can't even do clutches, i need hands free and SPACE!!!!

    Handbag colour- staple black

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